Bumper Trick or Treat Nail Art and Jewellery Mix - Pack of 150

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Product description:

Special Edition Trick or Treat Crystal and Cabochon Mix Pack 150 with 2 pots of caviar beads.

We have created you a spooktacular mix of Swarovski, Preciosa and Zodiac Crystals and a pot of Orrible Orange and Slime Green Caviar beads

This Halloween inspired mix of chunky pointy back crystals, flatback shapes including 3 x stars and 3 x Moon and glass cabochons is perfect for creating statement nail art Halloween creations or use in your jewellery making designs and craft projects.

We have combined black tones, greens and orange colours. Within the pack you will find some bigger pieces which make a great feature or focal point to the design, and some tiny stones that are great for gap filling and intricate patterns. The pointy back style is the latest trend in crystal nail art, you can use these alongside flatbacks to create bespoke 3D designs. This pack will come in very handy creating your spooky nail art designs.

The mix also contains vintage Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and glass cabochons, some of which are no longer produced and are very rare!

Sizes include: 2mm tiny crystals for gap filling/creating intricate designs up to 18mm for making a statement nail design or jewellery. We have included lots of variation in size for a bespoke feel.

Use a thick nail glue, we supply the crystal Totallis or gel to set the crystals into, or set into gel polish and cure under a UV/LED lamp.

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Hotfix crystals have a mirror foiled backing and a cold glue applied to the back of the crystal. When heat is applied to the crystal the glue is activated (melts) and is applied to your chosen garment and surface. The best way to apply heat to the back of the crystal is to use the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand.

Hotfix crystals are ideal to use when you are looking to apply crystals to fabric including silk, satin, lycra, velvet, cashmere, denim, cotton, organza ribbon, wedding veils and gowns, satin shoes and suede. You can also apply hotfix crystals to glass including champagne bottles, champagne flutes, mirrors, card and paper, wallpaper, wood and metal. The hotfix crystals are ideal for porous surfaces.

We would not advise using hotfix crystals on plastic, ie phone covers, wellington boots and also leather including pet collars, shoes and jackets.

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