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Here at Crystal Parade we love to be involved in a project that is a little bit different - the crystal Ferrari. With such a plethora of skills and services available, we have seen most things.

Our industry reputation for creativity and excellence has taken us to amazing places. We have built relationships with incredible clients, working on projects both ambitious and captivating.

Our experience and creative skills are constantly being stretched, nowhere more so than with our clients in the West-End. We have recently supplied crystals for shows such as Matilda, Strictly Ballroom, Kinky Boots, 42nd Street and Dream Girls. We even supply crystals to the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company on occasion.

So, we have seen, supplied for and created many beautiful things, and not much surprises us. However, every so often a bespoke project comes along that is both intriguing and truly original.


We were approached by our customer, Crystal Hut, who wished to transform an electric, pint-sized Ferrari into a magnificent crystal statement piece. The scaled down vehicle is modelled on the classic Ferrari model ‘LaFerrari’. This car was designed to show off the manufacturers technical intelligence and exquisite design capabilities, one of Ferrari’s crowning glories.

ferrari crystal 2

The Child’s Ride-On version is just over 120cm in length. It ncompasses all of the sleek design features included in its parent model, including the distinctive ‘Butterfly Doors’, defined wheel arches and genuine Ferrari branding.

It also has a collection of brilliant features including a parental remote control, sound effects, an MP3 connection for playing music, LED lighting throughout and a light up dashboard panel. Not satisfied with the already awesome appearance and functionality of the product, our customer wanted to elevate it to the next level!


With our hands on knowledge and expertise of crystallization, Crystal Parade was able to guide Crystal Hut through the entire process. It took around 70 man-hours to adorn the Ferrari with over 40,000 Light Siam Swarovski Crystals. Crystal Parade was on hand every step of the way.

This was not simply a case of gluing crystals to a car, this was a complex process that required ample time, care and experience. The hue of the Light Siam Swarovski Crystal was favoured as it is near enough a perfect match to the red for which Ferrari is so well known. This gives the crystals an almost transparent appearance. It gives the entire car a seamless quality that might have been compromised if a lighter or darker crystal had been applied.


The finished piece is for sale and a real showstopper; the perfect statement or centrepiece to any showroom or atrium. It would also serve as a phenomenal gift for any son, daughter, niece or nephew that you really want to treat. It's one thing to say that the first car you bought your child was a Ferrari, it's quite another to say that the first car you bought your child was a Ferrari encrusted with 40,000 Swarovski crystals!


Crystal Parade have been involved in many other exciting projects during the last few years. We work regularly with the London Palladium, one of the most famous and reputable theatres in the world. It is no surprise that they pay a great deal of attention to the quality and opulence of their sets and costumes.

In 2016 we supplied and applied 60,000 Preciosa crystals to the drapes for their sell-out Christmas production of Cinderella. In 2017, we returned and gave the Olivier Award winning Dick Whittington’s backdrop the same treatment. It was adorned with 20,000 Preciosa crystals!

For the International Cricket Council, we have also crystallized cricket ball shaped trophies. We were privileged to work with artist Than Clark on some of his stunning installations.

ferrari crystal 3


What will our next amazing, crazy, creative or inspirational project be? Who knows. Perhaps you have a concept for your next event or installation? Do you want to treat a loved one to a crystallized version of their favourite thing? Maybe your company is after a stunning statement piece? We encourage you to stretch your imaginations.

Crystals are not just for costume, jewellery, nails and chandeliers. They can be used to bedazzle and elevate virtually anything. Toy cars, real cars, bikes, pianos, furniture, books, ornaments, we can do it all. Whatever your idea, we can work with you to develop your concept and help you to realize your crystallized masterpiece. We can’t wait to see what our next challenge will be!



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