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Excellent quality rhinestones

The best quality alternative to Swarovski didn't exist, so we created Zodiac.

With brilliant sparkle, a durable foil backing and scratch proof coating, our Zodiac crystals are certain to impress. Since launching, our Zodiac crystals have achieved 1500+ five-star reviews for quality & performance and have been given the Crystal Parade Quality Assurance Promise.

Zodiac rhinestones and crystals consistently match other top brands when it comes to quality and durability. They have been applied to many different surfaces without failure to adhere and we can assure our customers that they will stand the test of time. A common issue faced by costumiers, dressmakers and fashion designers is the loosening or even falling off of rhinestones, however, if applied using a recommended glue, our Zodiac rhinestones have been tested on dance dresses and theatre costumes with a 100% success rate.

The Zodiac brand is now recognized amongst costumiers, fashion designers, nail technicians and dressmakers across the country as being a high quality and cost effective alternative to Swarovski.


Suitable for all
types of application

For DIY and professionals.

Our Zodiac crystals are suitable to use for any application method, matching Swarovski and Preciosa in that field. We have a fantastic range of quality Non Hotfix, Hotfix and Sew On rhinestones ideal for all creative industries.

Zodiac Hotfix flatback rhinestones are ideal for large scale projects, such as greeting card manufacturing, or embellishing garments in bulk for theatre productions, dance competitions, sportswear or uniforms. Our Zodiac Hotfix rhinestones have a high quality heat activated mirrored foil backing, providing a firm bond with any porous surface, and can be applied using a standard hotfix applicator wand in the same way you would apply a Swarovski rhinestone.

Zodiac Non Hotfix flatback rhinestones are more suited to smaller scale or one off projects. The foiled mirror backing of a Zodiac Non Hotfix rhinestone forms a strong bond with your craft adhesive enabling it to adhere to any surface material, making Zodiac an ideal alternative to Swarovski.


Why choose
Zodiac crystals...

We're experts in crystals, and 100,000+ customers have already trusted us with their creative projects.

Huge Choice of Sew On Stones

Enjoy a wide range of colour, shape and size options.

With a larger selection of shapes, sizes and over 60 different colours & coatings than both Swarovski and Preciosa, we are delighted to present Zodiac Crystals as the number one choice for sew on stones. Perfect for costume design, Irish dance, fashion, interior design, jewellery making and bridal wear, our range of sew on stones offer amazing sparkle and eye- catching colours. We are proud to be the only UK rhinestone supplier in the UK who offers such a wide choice of colours and sizes.

If you're a designer looking for unique crystals, or you require a particular shape in a colour that isn't otherwise available, we can offer a bespoke manufacturing service. We can supply any shape, in any colour or coating. This service is unique to Zodiac and is something that cannot be offered by other brands.

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Zodiac x Sam Ryder

See the sparkle of Zodiac on stage outside Buckingham Palace.

See our Zodiac crystals sparkle on stage outside Buckingham Palace for the Platinum Jubilee Concert in June. The fabulous Sam Ryder dazzled everyone with his Union Jack costume adorned with Zodiac sparkle.

Read the full case study here.


Sparkles Like Swarovski

More and more customers are choosing Zodiac as an alternative to Swarovski.

These Swarovski imitation rhinestones have the same number of facets and are cut in the same Xirius style as the Swarovski 2088 crystal, giving Zodiac an identical sparkle. When compared side by side, it's almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands.

As well as boasting a larger range of rhinestones than Swarovski, Zodiac offers very similar colours, shapes and sizes in their crystal products, which has so far converted hundreds of Swarovski customers to the Zodiac brand. With Zodiac matching the quality and sparkle of a Swarovski crystal, they are now being recognized by top designers and costumiers as the best alternative to Swarovski and are being used more frequently on stage and screen.

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