The A - Z's of crystals are We love all things crystallizing, and know that many of our readers do too. So we’ve been thinking long and hard all week, coming up with our exclusive A-Z of crystallizing and embellishing. From the technical tools you need to create a crystallized masterpiece, to some of the incredible things you can make with a few crystals and a bit of creativity. Read on for our alphabet featuring everything sparkly - and please let us know if you can think of any more words to go with each letter!

A applicator wand
You won’t get far with many crystals without an applicator wand - this will make your designs look much more professional.
B bling
Bling up absolutely anything you like by adding crystals!
C crystal stencils
Another option is crystal stencils, for the perfect shape.
D dance costume
What would a dance costume be without a bit of bling?
E embellishments
Embellishments of all shapes and sizes can be used on cards and crafts, fashion accessories, clothing and much more.
F flatback crystals
Flatback crystals are flat on the reverse side, so you can attach them to fabric or other materials.
G glue
You need a special type of adhesive to glue crystals to different surfaces.
H hotfix
Hotfix crystals can also be known as iron-on crystals. They have an adhesive backing which is activated by heat.
I ice skating costumes
Rhinestones, sequins and crystals are often seen on ice skating costumes, which look amazing swirling around the arena.
J jewellery
Crystals can be used to make your own jewellery to wear yourself or as a special present for friends.
K katana
A crystal katana is a professional tool used to pick up crystals and set them in place.
L luxury
Everything looks so much more luxurious when you add a bit of sparkle!
M mobile phone case
Creating your own personalised mobile phone case is easy when you know how.
N non-hotfix
A non-hotfix crystal is a loose crystal component, which you need specialised glue for crystallizing different surfaces.
O oval sew on stones
Crystals can also be sewn onto fabrics, and are available in a range of different shapes to make dazzling costumes.
P Preciosa
Preciosa is one of our favourite crystal suppliers.
Q quirky designs
Anything is possible with crystals and your imagination - the quirkier the design, the better!
R rhinestones
This is another word for crystals or diamantes - they all mean loose crystal components.
S Swarovski
Swarovski is another one of our crystal suppliers, and is renowned around the world.
T trainers
Crystallize your Converse kicks or Nike trainers for a glitzy transformation.
U unique
Personalising your items with crystal designs means you’ll have something totally unique, which nobody else can buy.
V volume discount
If you are a costume designer or a stylist and need a large amount of crystals, you can save money by bulk buying the factory packs.
W wedding accessories and stationery
The wedding accessories and stationery market is one of the biggest users of crystals. Think subtle sparkles on headpieces and impressive wedding invites.
X Xirius
The name of Swarovski’s newest and most brilliant crystal element.
Y you can do it
Anybody can get into crystallizing. It may look hard but it’s simple if you have all the tools and everything you need for your desired project.
Z Cubic Zirconia
Cubic zirconia is the next best thing to a diamond, but it’s more affordable.
Please send in your suggestions for each letter if you think there is anything important about crystallizing which we have missed out.

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