Standing out in Equestrian based competition can be difficult. There is a plethora of competition trying to stand out, no doubt you will need to do the same! Luckily, If you are a fan of adding a little extra sparkle to your Horse Riding Equipment, we can help provide you with a top-to-toe crystal look or a simple select one or two items to ensure a more subtle shine. Read this blog and see how you can out sparkle the opposition.


Your show jacket is the staple of your Horse Riding Equipment, it is always visible and needs to look it’s best so you can look your best. Throw some subtle sparkles into the mix on your show jacket with some Swarovski Crystal Buttons and Collar trim to provide an extra element of style and class into your outfit.


A diamante riding helmet will go perfectly hand in hand with your show jacket providing a gorgeous blend of bling. We love a subtle blend of black, navy or gold crystals that twinkle like a starry sky at night. Pair your headgear with a 255 Crystal Trim that will dazzle the opposition.


Riding boots don’t have to be just hard wearing, durable riding equipment. You can add special, intricate designs with stunning diamante detailing. This detailing can vary from subtle to a more full-on blinging depending on your needs and requirements, but no matter the job, we will be able to help you achieve it.


Take control of the reins in style by customising your horse riding gloves. Ensure yourself a tight grip and an eye-catching sparkle by adding a touch of bling detail. Use some of our Hot Fix crystals to compliment the rest of your attire.

Applying crystal bling to your horse riding equipment is easier with the Crystal Katana. This tool simplifies the application of non-hotfix Swarovski crystals.


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