Ballroom dancing is one of the most elegant, sophisticated forms of dance, and the costumes are made to match the style and grace of the movement.
Men are dressed head to toe in stylish suits designed to be flowing and formal, whilst the women are draped in beautiful dresses and gowns that add an element of feminine prowess.

These dresses are crafted to compliment the dance, and the dancers movements, to make for a gorgeous combination of visual displays.
Of course, at Crystal Parade, no costume is complete without an added touch of Swarovski or Preciosa sparkle. We are always seeking a way to make you stand out and shine to steal that extra bit of spotlight when you are performing.

If you really want to wow the judges, not only with your talent on the dance floor, but with a really eye-catching, stunning costume, then let us help you get creative with our myriad of colours.


A great costume is a statement about who you are on the dance floor. It is strong, elegant, edgy or dynamic. It can skyrocket your confidence and offer you a huge boost, unlocking potential that you sometimes didn’t even realise you had access too.

You need to personally connect with your costume in order to fully utilise your skills. You will know in your heart of hearts if a costume is right.
Your dance costume is often the star of the show, so shining like a star will make you feel great! Most female costumes will showcase a wide array of sparkling elements that glimmer under the lights of the ballroom dance floor.

There is a lot of freedom when crystallising your costume with flatback crystals and sew on stones. There is no particular rule book.
You can get as creative as you like. Place your crystals how you wish, steer clear of random placement though! Make sure you think out your design first. Put pen to paper before putting crystal to fabric and draw up some designs ahead so that you can go in with a plan.


It’s important for the male partner to be fashionable and dapper. It is also important to keep in mind that the costume must never restrict a movement.

It should enhance each movement and how each movement looks. The costume should be designed with the movement of the routine in mind.
Crystals on male costumes, depending on the routine, often follow the rule of 'less is more'. A small selection of well placed flat-back crystals can add an elegant yet striking visual element to the dance.

We recommend decorating the lapels of the costume. Dark colours including Preciosa’s Nightfall, Jet or Jet Hem work fabulously well on black ballroom dance costumes for competitions.

We would also recommend adding crystals to the shoes and other elements of the costumes that may be overlooked. Why not make your own matching jewelery with our selection of Swarovski crystals and Preciosa beads? Subtle touches of sparkle go a long way!


Nail Art Application

We have a stunning collection of trimmings, the latest fashionable crystals, custom tools and design elements for your crystal costumes and nail art.

Performance costume

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