Billy Porter is the style icon we’ve all been waiting for.

Whatever gender, race or sexuality you are, you cannot deny that Billy Porter is dripping with style. From appearing as a fashionable warlock in American Horror Story, to a fashion wizard in Pose, he’s become a style icon, letting his freak flag fly at huge events and on the catwalks.

Here we admire the Pose star’s six most awe-inspiring looks.


Porter stole all the shows with his incredible custom Randi Rahm suit, featuring a hot-pink silk lining to his cape and red velvet Gucci shoes. Underneath, you can glimpse the embellished tulle shirt with its silky metallic collar.

This outfit was a turning point for the actor - both in terms of fashion recognition and in rebelling against the status quo. “My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations. What is masculinity? What does that mean? Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part."

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I am physically incapable of looking away from this incredible outfit. This was the iconic Billy Porter fashion moment, drenched in black velvet and joyously playing with gender stereotypes. His collaboration with Siranio on the tuxedo jacket and ballgown dress was designed to “play between the masculine and feminine”. He looks majestic, beautiful, and the black velvet stands out so sumptuously against the red carpet.

Some have also pointed out that it appears to be a homage to an icon of ballroom community and consultant on Pose, Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza.

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Many of Billy’s most spectacular outfits are inspired by his passion for human rights, and his incredible red-velvet pink-tulle piece is no different.

Designed by Celestino Couture, the suit train is made of recycled fabric from the curtain backdrop of Kinky Boots on Broadway - the show for which he won the Best Actor Tony in 2013. It was specifically styled to represent female reproductive organs and featured over 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

“Women's rights are under attack right now," said Porter, discussing the look. "I'm an advocate for all who are disenfranchised. None of us are free until we're all free!"

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This show-stopping spark turquoise jumpsuit and jacket from Baja East - covered in 70,000 hand-placed crystals - perfectly matched with his clutch and hat. Oh, and what a hat!

Designed by his personal stylist, Sam Ratelle, Billy’s crystal privacy curtain could be moved by remote, allowing for a dramatic slow-motion reveal of his perfect turquoise and jewelled gothic cat-eye makeup, with a shiny silver tint to his lips.

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When Vanity Fair invite you to their after-party, you get your best look together. Billy chose an incredible amethyst cape, drenched in feathers, designed by Christian Siranio with a matching wide-brim purple hat from Sokol Millinery.

The shades of purple look is so striking, and he wears it with a staple bag of his - a perfect clutch bag from ThesePinkLips.

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When Billy Porter’s invited to a party whose theme is “Camp: Notes on Fashion” you’d better believe he’s going to bring the drama! Wearing a bejewelled catsuit with a ten-foot wing span and 24-carat gold headpiece, all designed by The Blonds, Billy was bringing Egyptian sun-god realness, down to the velvet palanquin held aloft by topless men. The catsuit was made of a mix of Preciosa crystals, bugle beads and chain fringe.

An absolute work of art, Porter put his confidence in the look down to aging.

“What you're seeing is a human being emboldened by their own self-acceptance who can stand grounded on their own two feet and be authentic.”

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