Once Taylor Swift announced that the Eras Tour would be going international, I knew I had two major things to accomplish: getting tickets to a show and crystallizing something to wear to the show. Dare I say that spending nearly two months and gluing almost 22,000 Zodiac crystals to a pair of boots was easier than getting tickets? Inspired by the crystallized boots that Taylor wears during the show, I wanted to try and do something similar. I had seen people on social media making the boots with loose glitter and glue, but I knew that I had time to make something really special that I could keep Forever & Always, so crystals were my medium of choice.

Choosing the Perfect Rhinestones

Having purchased Zodiac crystals for previous projects, I knew that I wanted to use those crystals again. They're such great quality, super sparkly, and they come in a wide range of colours and sizes. For this project, I decided on non-hotfix Rose Gold AB in SS 16 and 20, and Dark Amethyst in SS 10. The AB crystals reflect light differently depending on the environment—appearing more purple in the dark and a brighter pink in the light—which I found enchanting. These colours and sizes promise to be dazzling and I knew they would create a stunning effect.

Why Non-Hotfix and E6000 plus Glue?

I chose non-hotfix crystals because they provide more flexibility in placement compared to hotfix crystals, which require heat activation. For the glue, I used E6000 plus, a clear, flexible, and waterproof adhesive, which is perfect for wearable projects. This choice ensured that the boots would withstand both the physical wear and tear of dancing through Shake It Off and the potential of a rain show.

Tools of the Trade

To apply the crystals, I used my trusty Crystal Katana. This tool is indispensable for picking up and precisely placing each crystal. The wax end, which is made of a specialized jewellry wax, of the Katana makes it easy to pick up a crystal and have it stay, stay, stay in place on the tip before placing it on the boot. I felt the same meticulous paralysis in ensuring each crystal was perfectly positioned, making every minute spent worth it. Each crystal placement was like a Love Story carefully planned and executed to create a magical, sparkly finish.


Diligently working on my boots, one section at a time while listening to Taylor, I would spread a little glue onto the boot, allow 5 minutes for it to dry slightly, and then start picking up the crystals one by one, placing them like an extremely sparkly jigsaw puzzle. There was some trial and error in moving the crystals around to result in the smallest gaps and the largest amount of sparkle possible. You could say the work was, Delicate. The E6000 plus glue sets relatively quickly, but working in small sections I still had enough time to get the crystals moved around before the glue would set.

Why These Colors and Sizes?

The Zodiac Rose Gold AB and Dark Amethyst colours were chosen for their ability to reflect the myriad of emotions conveyed in Taylor's songs—from the softer, reflective tones of Enchanted to the bold, striking statements in Bad Blood. The varying sizes of the crystals help to create a dynamic and multidimensional look, enhancing the sparkle and overall aesthetic. The boots were designed to be The 1 standout piece in my concert outfit, capturing the essence of Taylor's diverse eras.

The Finished Product

Despite taking almost two months and nearly 22,000 Zodiac crystals, I feel like this was time and money well spent because I have a very special pair of boots for a very special concert. These boots are not just a fashion statement; they are a labour of love and a testament to my admiration for Taylor Swift. Just like the lyrics from Long Live, "I had the time of my life-fighting dragons with you," I felt like I was on a glittery, magical quest creating these boots. Each step I take in these boots will remind me of the journey.

Long Story Short, the crystallized boots are a perfect blend of dedication, creativity, and fandom. They sparkle just as brightly as Taylor's music shines, making them the perfect accessory for experiencing the Eras Tour live. When I wear these boots to the concert, I'll feel like I'm stepping into a Wonderland of glitter and magic, ready to enjoy every moment of the show and these boots will make the whole place shimmer.