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This year, Crystal Parade was awarded Authorised Silver Partner status by Preciosa. We have worked with Preciosa for over 7 years. We have continued to see Preciosa’s commitment to being a leader in the crystal and gemstone industries, in addition to their social responsibility. The company stands behind, and has fully integrated, the European social model in all areas of their operations.

Preciosa supports and integrates responsible business practices including transparency, consumer protection, trademark, industrial and intellectual property rights, and the policy of fair competition.


As a company, Preciosa has adopted and integrated policies for the protection of our environment and public health. It has a comprehensive programme providing public assistance to individuals and groups, as well as the community as a whole.

Preciosa do not just respect international business codes of conduct. It is continually developing and integrating improvements to the responsible employer model, for example. It also supports technological development, innovation, training, regional economic development.

In 2013, Preciosa created a brand new type of crystal - lead-free crystal - The MAXIMA. This unique material, with its extraordinary sparkle, meets the highest international standards of quality and environmental certification.

Maxima is showcased in the MC Chaton, and are also known as the pointy backed crystals, used extensively in jewellery design. The incredible brilliance is created by light passing through 15 cut facets. Its optical-aesthetic properties are second to none in the magically glittering world of glass.

Preciosa production of all products including flatback crystals, bicone beads and chandelier components are regulary tested by accredited laboratories. This is to ensure the products compliance with all major crystal standards and legislation.


Crystal Parade is working hard to reduce our carbon foot print by reducing the amount of paper we use. We are moving towards paperless communication where possible, and purchase recycled stationery. Our goal is to limit the amount of times we order from our suppliers and recycle our waste. Our packaging is also reused wherever possible.

Preciosa has acknowledged our ongoing efforts by honoring Crystal Parade with Authorised Silver Partner status. We are the proud recipients of this award and we thank Preciosa for their continued efforts in social responsibility.


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