Diamonds Vs Swarovski crystals is a conundrum many people face. So what is the difference is between diamonds and Swarovski crystals? They both shine so brilliantly, and are used in jewellery pieces, yet crystals are much more affordable and versatile.
We’ve all heard the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’… but is it really so?! Swarovski crystals can be used to bling up absolutely anything, from a dress to a mobile phone case. Not to mention that a woman can afford a lot more sparkle if she opts for crystals over diamonds!

The main difference is this: Swarovski crystals are manmade, and cut from glass. They are manufactured, which also has another advantage - each crystal is identical to the next and quality checked, so all Swarovski crystals are equal.
Diamonds are a natural substance found in the earth, formed over millions of years and mined to be cut into jewellery. Because of the way diamonds are formed, each diamond is different and will have different qualities.
Diamonds are rare and very expensive - some fancy diamonds can be worth over $40 million.
There is also concern over the ethics of diamond mining, as conflict diamonds or ‘blood diamonds’ originate from areas which are opposed to the national government, and sell diamonds to fund military action. When buying a diamond, it’s important to trace it back to the mining process to make sure it is an ethical diamond.
Nonetheless there is nothing to worry about when buying loose crystals, pendants and other embellishments from Swarovski. And you can still enjoy the high quality sparkle which catches the light in the same way as natural rocks such as diamonds.


Swarovski crystals have been used by top designers all over the world, and in a number of projects - even for royals! Here are some of the brand’s incredible achievements:
Queen Victoria
When Swarovski started to break into the fashion industry, one of its first clients was a royal designer. Charles Frederick Worth used Swarovski crystals to adorn the gowns of Queen Victoria.
Christian Dior
In the 1950s, Swarovski collaborated with many top designers including Christian Dior.
The company designed a brand new coating for one of its crystals, to emulate the Northern Lights. This is still one of Swarovski’s best-selling stones!
Victoria’s Secret
Swarovski has had an international partnership with Victoria’s Secret for the last 13 years.
It helps fashion the beautiful outfits of the Victoria’s Secret angels at the prestigious lingerie brand’s annual show, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
Alexander McQueen
The decade long collaboration with fashion designer Alexander McQueen resulted in some of his most recognised works.
Many of his pieces encrusted with Swarovski crystals were included in an exhibition at the V&A, titled Savage Beauty.


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