In the run up to Easter and with the night’s drawing out, there is more time in the day to get creative, and maybe learn a new craft skill like rhinestone embellishment. Whether you’re a pro blinger or just starting out, it is quick and easy to learn this niche skill, and there are plenty of creative ideas to get you started. This Easter, we’ve had fun getting out our craft rhinestones and glue and adding sparkle to all things Easter themed! Here are 8 Easter craft ideas for you to try at home:

Take a look at this cute children’s pull along chick toy, we’ve blinged it up using Zodiac non hotfix rhinestones in Citrine AB, with orange, jet black and light pink for the details on the face. You could try this with an Easter bunny or any other wooden figure. For attaching rhinestones to wood, we recommend using Gem Tac glue and a professional pick up tool like a Katana.

Here’s a simple but effective way of decorating some eggs to put on display in a bowl, or on an Easter tree. Using flatback rhinestones for craft, crystal shapes and pearls, you can make pretty patterns on a plain craft egg. You can buy the eggs in polystyrene, papier mache or ceramic from most craft shops, paint them then decorate with crystals. In this example, subtle colours like cream, gold and white have been used, but you could go bright and bold with our range of Zodiac glue on rhinestones.

We liked these simple and stylish egg designs, with the classic clear diamante crystals and white pearls – but here at Crystal Parade HQ we wanted to go a bit bolder with our crystallized eggs. So we turned 4 famous chocolate bars into sparkly egg decorations, using Preciosa and Zodiac rhinestones and gem tac glue. Each egg was inspired by our favourite choccies – Aero, Chocolate Orange, Mars and of course, the Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

Hanging decorated eggs on an Easter tree is a tradition in many households and workplaces, and Crystal Parade HQ is no different. Poppy has blinged her eggs in different springtime shades using Zodiac non hotfix rhinestones from the Luminous range and gem tac glue. The added detail of the sparkly carrot is a fun touch and makes the bunny look egg-stra cute!

Easter bonnet competitions are often being held in villages, schools, clubs and communities over the UK, and one unique way of decorating an Easter bonnet is by embellishing it with pearls and sew on crystals. Here’s team member Zoe’s bonnet, with Zodiac pearls in springtime shades hot glued to the top using a hot glue gun. She has also sewn on some Zodiac large peardrop shapes in colours to compliment the pink fabric. This dazzling creation is sure to stand out from the crowd.

For nail art enthusiasts, take your manicure to the next level by gluing on some pearl embellishments. Nail artist and Crystal Parade ambassador Natalie Mugridge has used our Yellow AB pearls to add a touch of sparkle to her Easter nail set. You can apply crystals to nail with crystal fix glue, it dries completely clear and is strong and durable. If you’re a nail art novice and want to learn the art of crystal placement, check out Natalie on YouTube – she has hundreds of informative tutorials.

This next project is great for keeping yourself busy during the Easter break if you’re feeling creative, and features some of our gorgeous pastel colours perfect for springtime. We’ve decorated a wooden trinket box with craft rhinestones. We have chosen to add non hotfix crystals to this pretty floral cut out design box that we found at The Works, but you can choose whatever you like to decorate. They have all sorts of Easter and Spring themed items, from wooden signs, baskets and boxes to Easter chick and bunny decorations. I was drawn to this eye-catching box because the intricate detail of the lid reminded me of a spring flower in bloom. It would make a great handmade gift for someone, or you could use it as a jewellery box. Or, sticking to the Easter theme, why not keep mini eggs in there as a little midnight snack.

Apart from a chocolate egg, one of the most iconic images associated with Easter is the Easter Bunny. For a fun craft project, try gluing some crystals onto an item of clothing in the shape of a bunny. We’ve taken a pair of ‘Miffy’ children’s leggings and embellished the logo so it stands out and sparkles. For this we used Gem Tac glue to stick on some Zodiac non hotfix rhinestones in Jet and Light Pink. For more information on how to attach rhinestones to fabric, see our recent article here.
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