Drum roll please …………. Yes, it’s prom night and you want to feel like a million dollars, but to achieve a standout, individual look you need to do your homework and get creative.

We’ve all seen those American style prom dresses in the films – a big pouffy A-line skirt, with a cinched in waist and sweetheart neckline.

Times have changed, and in this era of upcycling and DIY, and the rise of vintage or second-hand clothing stores, fashion as we know it is quickly becoming unfashionable. Trends come and go, but one constant in the fashion world is the desire for a unique take on the current ‘look’.

So why not get creative and have a go at upcycling an old dress, add some rhinestones to the collar, or replace the straps with crystal cupchain. To feel relaxed on your prom night you need to be yourself, so let those inhibitions go and be comfortable; and if this means wearing a pretty dress paired with a pair of trainers then do it! If you want to bring out the inner Stranger Things vibes then go for it, add a touch of the 80’s with big hair or the Whale Spout Pony, or why not bling your Converse trainers.

But of course it's all about ‘The Prom Dress’ and here are some ideas to bring your dream dress to life the sparkly way.

  1. Glue appliques to your dress and add some flatback rhinestones onto them – this creates a feature motif that will certainly be a talking point

2. Add rhinestones to the straps of the dress – you could sew on some round pearls for a sophisticated look, or go full bling with Zodiac AB crystals!3. Make a flower pattern using a large flatback rhinestone for the centre and 18mm sew on rivolis as petals – a few of these around the hem of your dress will stop anyone in their tracks. Or if there is already a motif on the fabric, sew on a Rivoli to the centre.4. Replace plain plastic buttons with our Zodiac crystal buttons; a technique used by couture houses to bring a touch of luxury to a piece.

5. Iron on some flatback hotfix rhinestones to the mesh or netting part of your dress.

6. If the dress has embroidered detail already sewn in, enhance the design by gluing on some non hotfix rhinestones in clear diamante using Gem Tac glue.

7. Not into dresses? Try a tux and add non hotfix rhinestones to the lapels. Or wear a crisp white shirt and replace the plastic buttons with crystal buttons to bring a touch of class.

Have fun, sparkle and make memories….. Happy prom celebrations!

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