Fashion and trends change with each season, however, what remains unchanged and thus unique are the costumes of Irish dancers.

They are still produced and designed according to ancient traditions. The outfits of the Irish dancers reflect the clothing worn by the peasants who, with the arrival of the Dance Master, learned to dance and even to organize mini competitions.

These costumes are decorated with various dance crystals and accessories inspired by the Book of Kells and traditional Irish symbols. Even if some elements have changed in the meantime and become more adapted to modern trends, these changes are insignificant.

If you are just starting and trying to find out what a dancer's outfit entails or you are preparing for a championship where you want to impress the audience, the following ideas will be suitable.


One of the core elements that attract the most attention and deserves to be chosen with care and style is the dress. Contemporary Irish dresses are shorter than those worn at the beginning of the last century, thus highlighting the energetic movement of the legs.

At the same time, the shorter dress visually lengthens the legs, making the whole outfit more harmonious. If you are thinking of choosing a dance dress, choose a velvet dress. They keep their shape and at the same time are very comfortable for the dancer, due to the delicate and soft material.

Scalloped neckline dresses are very elegant, thus keeping the traditional neckline always worn by ancestors. Choose a dress that is decorated with diamonds along the neckline and with Celtic embroidery to add sparkle and Irish charm.

If you are thinking about what color to choose for your dress, know that you are not limited in any way. However, if you want a dress that does not go unnoticed, choose bold colors such as red, or you can choose a more neutral white dress with stitches and accessorize in blue. Don't forget to choose at least one vivid element.


Dance shoes are an essential element of any Irish dance outfit. These are the utilitarian part of the outfit because it doesn't matter so much what the dance shoes look like but how comfortable and quality they are.

If you are still looking for shoes that look as good as qualitative they are, here you can find great Irish dance shoe ideas for your outfit that are great both for intermediate and beginners. Irish dance shoes fall into two broad categories, soft shoes, and hard shoes.

They are used in various types of Irish dance. Thus, depending on the dance you perform, you will choose the proper dance shoes. However, most dancers have both soft shoes and hard shoes, as the dances are often mixed, not forgetting the curiosity and mastery of the dancers who want to master several types of dance.

The most important rule when choosing Irish dancing shoes is that there are no universal sizes that apply to everyone, often the size differs from one brand to another.

This is why the safest method is to measure your foot and ask for direct information from the seller. The simplest way to find out the foot length and width is to draw its outline on a piece of paper and then measure it with a ruler. Over time you will be able to feel your foot better and choose shoes with more information that are adapted to the shape of your foot.


Beauty is in the details - which is perfectly attributed to Irish dance outfits. In modern and medieval times only those with high social status could wear several colors simultaneously, that's why dancers decorated their costumes with accessories that render the same ornaments or symbols.

Currently, a dancer can decorate his outfit with many accessories: wigs, headbands, number clips, diamond socks, brooches, buckles, and more.

When choosing accessories, try to follow a few simple rules. First one, do not neglect the national symbols and choose accessories that highlight ornaments and pieces that display shamrock, Celtic cross, trinity knot, and other symbols found in the book of kells. Take, for example, the Irish Shamrock - the beloved Irish symbol which became the core element of any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Don’t miss the opportunity to show off your Irish heritage by displaying this lovely motif.

The second rule is balance. Choose accessories that complement each other both by shape, specifically but also by color. To keep the harmonious outfit, it is necessary not to exaggerate with the colors and shapes because it will look you chaotically and distract you.

Enjoy choosing your new outfit for Irish dance as much as you get pleasure from the dance itself. Start preparing your outfit today and be ready for a new challenge. We hope the advice we have given is useful and will help you make the right choice.

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