We’ve all seen the blinged flowers for weddings, with craft rhinestones glued or sewn onto an artificial bouquet, but did you know there is a simple and effective way of bringing a subtle touch of sophisticated sparkle to a real bunch of flowers? We’re going to share the secret of how to crystallize some beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day with some inexpensive rhinestones for craft.

Who doesn’t love a bunch of red roses, especially on the most romantic day of the year, and this year we’ve elevated this classic gift idea by adding a special detail… crystal diamante sparkle! How fabulous to present the most decadent and luxurious bouquet to a loved one, with the added touch of it being handmade too. All you need is a bunch of beautiful flowers and a few simple items for Crystal Parade:

  • Zodiac clear rhinestones
  • Syringe & applicator tip
  • E6000 glue
  • Pick up tool

A quick guide

Start your project by laying out your tools, in reaching distance, on a clean flat surface – when working with glue it is better to avoid any spills or mess. Start by squeezing about 1cm worth of the E6000 glue into your syringe, this is the best method of application as it avoids wastage and allows you to apply the glue in tiny amounts. For this project we’re using the crystal Katana pick up tool which is the number 1 best selling rhinestone picker, but you could use a cheaper alternative such as a wax pencil.

Next, organise the rhinestones into a sorting tray, this makes it easy to pick up the crystals and stops you from losing any. We’ve chosen to use Zodiac crystals, in the clear diamante colour 3mm and 4mm. Using the syringe, squeeze out a tiny glue dot onto the petal, making sure to be very careful not to rip the delicate flower, wait a few seconds for the glue to go tacky, then pick up the crystal and place it onto the glue dot.

You can place the rhinestones on the inside and outside of the petals but try to keep an even spread so there is no danger of the petal ripping or falling from the weight. We have applied the larger size ss16 to the outer layers, and the smaller size ss10 to the inner layers.

And there you have it, a simple and non-expensive trick to elevate a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day. And no need to stop there, try adding some pink rhinestones to a bunch of lilies for Mother’s Day, or yellow crystals to some spring daffodils.

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