Introducing Zodiac Crystals

As a business owner you will always be on the look out for ways to expand, whether that’s growing your client base, product offering or introducing a new side to your business such as a personalisation option. Zodiac Crystals offer the opportunity to do this, whether you’re a clothing company, costume or fashion designer, nail technician, card manufacturer, bridal couture house, blinger or interior designer, with this crystal brand you can add luxury sparkle for a low cost.

Here are some ways our customers have been using Zodiac Crystals to grow their businesses:

Fashion Designers – Top designer Luke Day used Zodiac flatback rhinestones to embellish the amazing outfit worn by Sam Ryder at the Jubilee concert earlier this year. Working with this more cost-effective brand, rather than a better known but more expensive name like Swarovski, allowed Luke to apply hundreds more crystals, giving that extra sparkle.

Nail Artists – We have many mobile nail technicians and salon owners who have switched to using Zodiac gems as they can now offer more sparkle for less money, a bigger choice of colours and shapes, and some of our bigger salons are now selling Zodiac crystals in retail packs, massively growing their business.

Dressmakers & Costumiers – Rhinestones are a huge part of dance competition dresses and theatrical costumes – the more sparkle on stage, the better. Zodiac Crystals offer a fantastic range of flatback rhinestones and sew on stones for a fraction of the price. Some of the biggest names in Irish Dance dress design and theatre costume design are now using Zodiac crystals, instead of the bigger brand names, ensuring an increased profit margin.

A cost-effective brand

Being fairly new to the market, Zodiac Crystals are a less well known brand but they have taken the crystal world by storm, being able to match the quality of bigger brand names for a fraction of the cost. As a business owner, switching to Zodiac will lower your outgoings and increase your profit margin – it’s a no brainer!

As the sole supplier of Zodiac Crystals, we can offer trade discounts to businesses, as well as promotions that run throughout the year. We will also price match other brands of a similar quality you may find elsewhere. The money you save by switching brands will allow you to spend more on growing other aspects of your business.

Due to the low cost of the product, you should be able to afford to offer free samples to your clients. This is a great USP for your business and an advantage that may make a potential customer choose you over a rival business.

Sparkles like Swarovski

Zodiac is a Swarovski alternative brand, the rhinestones have the same number of facets and are cut in the same Xirius style as the Swarovski 2088 crystal, giving Zodiac an almost identical sparkle. When compared side by side, it's almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands. With Zodiac matching the quality and sparkle of a Swarovski crystal, they are now being recognized by top designers and costumiers as the best alternative to Swarovski and are being used more frequently on stage and screen. So far Zodiac have achieved 1500+ five star reviews for quality & performance, and have been given the Crystal Parade Quality Assurance Promise.

As a business, switching your main brand or supplier can be difficult when it comes to your regular customers - they may worry Zodiac Crystals won’t meet the Swarovski standard. However, switching to a similar brand like Zodiac not only allows you to hold on to those customers, but will also bring in new customers who may be on a smaller budget.

Huge product range

As well as boasting a larger range of rhinestones than Swarovski, Zodiac offers very similar colours, shapes and sizes in their crystal products, which has so far converted hundreds of Swarovski customers to the Zodiac brand. This huge product offering is an advantage you don’t get with many other brands, so is a fantastic USP when promoting Zodiac to your clients.

For nail technicians in particular, a benefit of using Zodiac rhinestones for your nail art is that you can offer your clients manicure designs that are completely unique to them. With such a large variety of colours, shapes and styles to choose from, it is easy to create your own bespoke mixes. This would be an aspect of your business that would stand out in the crowd, particularly with so much competition out there.

Zodiac produce other embellishments to match their rhinestone colours, such as sew on stones, caviar beads, pearls and crystal shapes, meaning an entire design or project can be completed using just one brand. This is another fantastic reason why you and your customers should switch to Zodiac.

Overview – How Zodiac will improve your business

  • Introducing a low cost but high quality brand will see your outgoings reduce and your profit margin increase.
  • Swarovski similar crystals will allow you to hold on to your regular customers, as well as bringing in new customers who may be on a budget.
  • With a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes you will be able to produce the same design you did when using a different brand, so no need to compromise.
  • Adding a new brand to your offering can generate interest in your business and will attract another type of audience.

The money you save by switching to Zodiac can be used elsewhere to grow your business.

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