The famous Brompton Road Harrods store is home to some amazing, creative Christmas displays that fill passers by with the spirit of the season. This year, each window is home to a familiar Christmas tradition covering all the essential elements, from Gift Opening to Christmas Dinner to a newly-inspired Preciosa Christmas tree.

However, be sure to take time to walk to the side of the famous Harrod’s store and admire the huge Christmas Tree adorned with fully crystallised, life sized Christmas Dinner favourites including lobster, salmon, carrots, champagne, brussel sprouts, mince pie, salmon and slices of lemon, Christmas pudding and many more sparkly treats. This year, their Preciosa Christmas tree became one of the holidays most raved about trees.

Each and every one of these Preciosa crystals were supplied by yours truly, Crystal Parade. We worked with a group of talented designers to ensure this piece of work would shine out and deserve it’s spot in one the stores famous windows. Browse the photos below and be sure to check out the display for Harrod's iconic Preciosa Christmas tree!


preciosa Christmas


preciosa Christmas 3

preciosa Christmas 4

preciosa Christmas 5

preciosa Christmas 6

preciosa Christmas 7


preciosa Christmas

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