Swarovski makes a huge change

Back in October 2021, Swarovski made the decision to limit who would be allowed to purchase, sell and use their crystal components. Since then, suppliers of Swarovski components, which include flatback crystals, pearls, beads, fancy stones etc, have been selling what they had left, unable to re-stock. Only customers who comply with the strict requirements set out by Swarovski are able to purchase and sell their product; the already high-quality brand was looking to elevate their status to elite and superior quality.

Are Swarovski crystals still available to buy?

Very few retailers now sell Swarovski components, with the majority of stockists finding themselves out of the business. We, Crystal Parade, have a range of Swarovski crystals available to purchase for dancewear, jewellery making, nail art and craft. Our range of Swarovski is available to purchase through the website as well as our Ebay and Etsy shops.

Swarovski Nail Art Crystals

Crystal shapes are a huge trend in nail art, and we still have a great selection to choose from, including pearshapes, fans, butterflies and the best selling raindrop shape. Compliment these with Swarovski shimmer crystals for nail art, or Swarovski flatbacks, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous luxury manicure! We have also put together a selection of stunning crystal mixes using different sizes and colours in the Swarovski range.Swarovski Vintage

There is a very large selection of vintage Swarovski crystals, some of which date back 30 or more years ago, available to buy. These rare pieces are no longer made by Swarovski, so they are truly unique, and perfect for costume jewellery or fine jewellery making. Vintage rhinestones are becoming more and more popular for recreating 20’s style art deco jewellery, and the nail technicians are loving them too!Alternative crystal brands

Fortunately there are two other great quality crystal brands on the market – Preciosa and Zodiac. Preciosa rhinestones are widely available, they produce top quality cut glass components to rival Swarovski. Even before 2021, many previously loyal Swarovski customers were switching to Preciosa, for a very similar but less expensive product. The entire Preciosa range is available to purchase on our website and you can read more about Preciosa here.

Swarovski versus Zodiac

We have spent years researching, testing, and quality checking different rhinestone manufacturers so we could offer a high quality, more cost-effective brand to the market, as an alternative to the more expensive and now limited Swarovski brand. And we know we’ve cracked it with Zodiac Crystals.

Zodiac is a Swarovski alternative brand of cut glass rhinestones, that have the same number of facets and the same Xirius style, as the Swarovski 2088 crystal, giving Zodiac an almost identical sparkle. When compared side by side, it's almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands.

We’ve had many customers comment on the likeness between Zodiac and Swarovski, and most of those have now switched to Zodiac. Our dress designers, costumiers and dancers are loving the AB sew on Rivoli, which has a stunning bright AB shine and is now preferred to the Swarovski brand.

Swarovski preciosa & zodiac