A trend within the nail art world that’s really taken off recently, is the full crystal coverage of one nail in the set; creating a statement or feature nail to draw attention. This can be done by covering the nail with flatback rhinestones, creating a cluster of crystals on the nail, using a different coloured rhinestone for one nail, or anything that makes it stand out from the rest. A product called crystal Pixie was launched by Swarovski a few years ago, quickly followed by Preciosa’s crystal Faerie, which allows you to fully encrust your nail in crystal, giving off a brilliant sparkle and shine.

Both the Pixie and Faerie products are made up from tiny shards of crystal, all unique in shape, having a glitter or diamond dust effect. Applying crystal faerie or pixie to your nails, is the quickest way to achieve full coverage, and with possibly the most beautiful result.

Crystal Faerie, in particular ‘Unicorn Tears’ which is made up of AB crystal shards, is very popular for bridal nails, as it works perfectly with a white glittering gown.

*Image credit: Preciosa, Lisa Johnston

How to apply crystal Faerie & crystal Pixie to nails

  1. Apply your first coat of nail polish or gel and allow to dry, or cure completely.
  2. Then apply your second coat. Before curing the second coat, hold your finger (or the nail if you’re using acrylics) over a tray to catch the excess, and start sprinkling the Faerie over the top.

3. Keep sprinkling over the nail, until the entire surface is covered. Gently press and compact the crystals onto the nail. If you’re using nail polish, you must allow the polish to dry completely before the next step. If you are using gel, we recommend applying a top coat around the edges for extra security and durability.
4. Once dry / cured under a UV lamp, use a nail file to gently file the edges, removing any excess crystal. Put the excess that landed in the tray back into the bottle for next time!

And voila! Stunning diamond dust nails in seconds, using Preciosa Faerie or Swarovski Pixie. Check out the full range of crystal Faerie which is available in 5 different colours, from funky dark gold to trendy rose gold.

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