Halloween isn’t far away, which means one thing: it’s time to get spooky! The freaky celebrations fall on a weekend this year, which is an even better excuse for a party! From pumpkins to spider web decorations and ghoulish games, it’s that time of year to start preparing the house for Halloween. The creative team at Crystal Parade have got something really special for you to try, which is totally unique and different from anything you can buy in the shops.

For a classy Halloween decoration, why not crystallize your own skull ornament? It’s a really fun project, and adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise dark and eerie celebration! In fact, it’s so on trend that a crystallized skull can be kept on display all year round - why only bring it out once a year on All Hallows’ Eve? Read on for the step by step guide on crystallizing a skull.
What will I need?
Like many other home crafts and interior design crystallizing projects, you will need the following items:
- Crystal Katana
- Precision glue applicator syringe
- Gemtac glue
- Preciosa or Swarovski crystals in clear and/or black
You will also need to source a decorative skull as the base to decorate. There are various places you can find ornamental skulls - especially at this time of year. If you don’t want to spend too much then you can find a cheaper one at pound stores or supermarkets. Alternatively, if you’re hosting an adults Halloween party, there is a vodka brand which uses a skull shaped bottle. The crystals on the clear glass would look really effective, and you could drink like kings from the crystallized bottle!
How do I do it?
Choose your crystals and lay them out on a clear surface - we recommend all clear non hotfix crystals, or you can add a few black ones in the eye sockets for a spooky effect.
Then, using the syringe filled with Gemtac glue, make dots of glue in a line from one side of the skull to the other. Attach a crystal to each glue dot and set in place with the katana. Repeat until the whole skull is covered (yes it may take a while!)
Other Seasonal Ideas
If you’re looking for more inspiration for Halloween decorations, have you tried your hand at no carve pumpkins? Instead of ruining a handful of pumpkins with your carving attempts, decorate them in other ways instead! Cover them in glitter, or use spray paint and stencils for a completely different look. We also love the idea of using crystals to create a spider web. Get creative this Halloween!



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