It’s that time of year again – the sound of birds tweeting and lambs bleating, the smell of chocolate in the air, and a sense of the warm spring/summer days approaching. Easter is here, and with it comes a fresh batch of Easter and spring themed nail art designs, featuring the cutest little chicks and bunnies. And of course, lots of rhinestone sparkle too!

Here are our top Easter nail art rhinestone looks:

Pretty Florals

See how the super talented Lisa Johnston has used the Step Into Spring mix to create this wonderful set of nails. The rich pink and blue colours stand out against the more muted tones of white, yellow and gold, and the 3D pointy backs make a great focal point. Lisa has also added some of her own glass flower embellishments and has used Preciosa navette cabochons, from the Pretty Petals mix, to create some gorgeous white daisy motifs.Cutesy

Who doesn’t love baby animals?! Lauren McBride has really increased the cute factor of this Easter chick and daffodil image by adding in some matching yellow opal navettes and opal nail art rhinestones. We love the Preciosa opal crystals, they bring a subtle sparkle to this chic springtime design.Natalie Mugridge has used Zodiac yellow pearls to bring her Easter chick to life. The simplicity of using a single tiny pearl embellishment to bring the daisy’s to life is inspired – a cost effective way to add a touch of bling.Here’s another nail set by Natalie Mugridge, this time an adorable bunny and butterfly surrounded by crystal sparkle. Natalie had used White AB pearls from the Zodiac range, plus some Preciosa clear flower gems and purple and blue flatback rhinestones to finish the look.Sticking with the cute bunny theme, Shaafia at Nails by Shaafia has used the Zodiac opal rhinestones and AB leaf shape to embellish her Easter set, complimenting the classic white rabbit with pale opal colours. We love the extra detail of the flowers and the silver caviar beads neatly finishing off the crystal placement.Full Bling

We can’t help but fall in love with this funky 3D creation by Natalie. This time she has used an array of Preciosa nail art embellishments to depict a bunny and lamb for this Easter inspired look. She uses a combination of opal cabochons, pearls, crystal peardrop, and pointy back rhinestones to bring the bling. When applying larger or pointy back crystals to your nail, we recommend using the crystal fix nail glue, it is completely clear and forms a strong bond between the crystal and nail.Exotic Easter

We love Lisa Johnston’s contemporary design on this set, the colours she has used gives it a tropical, exotic vibe but still retains the Easter feel. The rhinestone feature nail is really beautiful, showing off the vibrant Topaz colour. Lisa has cleverly outlined the crystals using silver caviar beads, which is a handy trick to neaten off your crystal placement while filling any gaps.Delicate Opals

What a pretty set of delicate opal nails from Shell at Unicorn Beauty. Shell has really brought the spring flowers to bloom in this design, using opal navettes and flatback crystals in pastel shades. The centre nail features a stunning Zodiac flame shape in AB which really twinkles in the light, and on every nail Shell has added the extra detail of tiny Zodiac pearls in matching colours.

In this fabulous example by Natalie Mugridge, she has used the Springtime Sparkle mix (put together in collaboration with Natalie herself) to create an intricate design on each nail. The combination of Preciosa vintage navette cabochons, Zodiac opal flatback crystals and Swarovski pointy back crystals, all outlined with caviar beads, is a thing of beauty! Each embellishment has been neatly glued in place and you can see how much care and attention Natalie puts into her work. For us, it encapsulates the Easter and spring theme perfectly.

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