Love is upon us once more with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and we’re taking a look at our favourite new and timeless Scarlett Senter nail designs using heart shaped rhinestones.

Scarlett is a fabulous nail technician to take inspiration from, she shows in her work how you can enhance your nail art by adding just a few rhinestones to bring subtle sparkle. Or if you love your bling (like Scarlett does) then check out some of her more statement crystal nail designs.

Flatback AB Heart

Scarlett’s created this ruby red design featuring hearts on two nails – one in simple gel form and another as a statement rhinestone nail using the flatback crystal heart. The colour of the AB heart really stands out against the red. She compliments the red gel colour with a mix of red toned rhinestones.

Simplicity of Clear Crystal

This is a very subtle but very pretty design, in matte pastel shades. We love the understated look, with just a few clear rhinestones to add a touch of elegant sparkle.

Chunky & funky

This design focusses on the hot pink Fuchsia crystal, Scarlett’s added some chunky 3D pointy back rhinestones plus some flatbacks to create a standout feature nail. The 3D fuchsia stones are teamed with a Swarovski crystal heart to add even more Valentine’s bling.

Simple Ombre

Another favourite of ours is this simple yet effective pink ombre heart, applied in the design of a pendant necklace. Scarlett has glued on Clear, Light Rose, Rose and Fuchsia flatback rhinestones to a plain white background to create a beautiful ombre effect.

Caviar Beads

Although we love rhinestones, you can create pretty designs with other types of embellishments too – here Scarlett has outlined some gel polish heart with gold caviar beads. The ultimate luxury. The beads are so tiny that they are perfect for gap filling, outlining and giving the design a neat and precise finish. Caviar beads can be applied directly to the gel then cured into place, or for a more secure and long lasting adhesion, we recommend using Crystal Fix nail glue to keep them in place.

As always we’d love to see how you’re using our Valentine’s themed products, whether it’s heart shaped rhinestones, pink rhinestones or any of our Valentine’s mixes.

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