Today's blog comes from Jenny, an amateur burlesque performer, professional copywriter and life-long crafter. Jenny is obsessed with the beautiful, the geeky and the Gothic. You can find her blogs, work experience and brand new venture Cabaret Copy Co at or follow her burlesque on Instagram @frauleinfreyja

Rhinestoning is one of those crafty pastimes that is super fun - right up until the point where it turns into a huge chore.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of sitting in silence to glue rhinestones is a daunting one. You’ve got to be doing something to keep your mind occupied while your hands do the work - but not just anything.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep yourself occupied while gluing those gems!


If you’re concentrating on rhinestoning, you shouldn’t attempt to watch anything that’s too absorbing or eye-intensive - that means nothing with subtitles or complex plot lines.

You need to be able to dip in and out whenever you have a spare minute, so re-runs of things you’ve already seen might be perfect.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my favourite thing to watch while rhinestoning - it’s casual, low-intensity to watch, and it gets all of my crafty juices flowing to see some incredible queens make their fabulous outfits. Second to that is My Cat From Hell, although it verges on too engaging at times!


Use this time to have a think about your next routine, or improving upon a previous one. Listen to your track over and over, learning it better each time. If you’re still debating your music choice, listen to a playlist of options while you glue - the right song will jump out at you as you stare at your sparkling collection!

If your crafting has nothing to do with performing, just put on whatever makes you feel good! Disco, pop and musical numbers are particularly enjoyable, especially something you can sing along to.


Podcasts are the ultimate crafting companion. No need to look up from your work, you only need to listen along. You can listen to absolutely anything, including books - although nothing too heavy - although I’ve found chat shows to be the best background noise.

The burlesque podcast Cabaret, Darlings gives you a lesson in burlesque history with different entertaining guests each week; a great source of inspiration.


Do you go stir-crazy when you’re left alone? Surround yourself with friendly vibes by organising a Crafternoon!

Everyone can do their own thing, and you can help each other out with technique and a critical eye. Ideally supply a few crafty bits for those without a current project - some pom poms, glitter glue and ribbon are a good start.


Get drunk while rhinestoning. What a recipe for disaster - even if you get everything in the right place, it’s likely to be sloppy and you’ll end up wanting to redo it all.

Get on public transport. Any transport is probably a bad idea - lots of rocking, bumping and unpredictable movements - but public transport has to be even worse. Ever dropped a tray full of rhinestones on your floor? Fancy dealing with that on a moving train, picking up rhinestones around strangers? Didn’t think so.

With a little entertainment to keep you going, that corset/bra/headdress will be rhinestoned in no time at all!

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