Crystal Sparkly Bikini

When you're getting ready for the competition of a lifetime, you want the focus on all your hard work. Having the right outfit can help, but you don't have much clothing to work with to really stand out when wearing a bikini. That's where crystallising can help with a crystal sparkly bikini!

Why stick with a plain bikini or competition swimsuit when you can bling up your bikini with crystals?


You can get really creative and go with any colour or style combination to suit your personality. We offer an exclusive range of rhinestones and sew on crystals for you to then get your own custom-made crystal bikini!

Photographer: Susan Grace Hinman
MUA: Liz Allen
Model: Shivani
Costume: Chrissie Nicholson-Wild


With a little bit of patience and the right crystal application tools, you can create amazingly designed bikini with stunning rhinestones to make you look and feel confident. If you are a professional female body builder and want your outfit to reflect your inner style, you can walk out on that stage with class and confidence in a crystal bikini.
All you’ve got to do is choose the bikini you love, and we supply the sparkle! There's no doubt that bodybuilding competition bikinis can be expensive, but this is one place where you should not cut corners especially when it comes to the fit of your bikini.

We can help you create your unique Crystal Bikini that will not only look incredible, but can be tailored to your budget. With a wide range of sparkly crystals in all sizes, shapes and colours, we have what your imagination is crying out for.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with something perfect to suit their needs. This is what ranks us number one in our field of expertise!

We also work with many talented stage costume/bikini suit designers, including the talented Chrissie Nicholson-Wild of Curve Couture. Her expertise is in corset engineering, fashion design and fashion construction.


Chrissie makes elegant, beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade corsets for women of all sizes and shapes. For almost ten years, she has been running her Brighton based bespoke corset business Curve Couture.

Photographer: Susan Grace Hinman
Model: Lindsey Perry
Costume: Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

Over the past several years, Chrissie has branched out into the world of bikinis. Creating amazing pieces, fully loaded with sparkle, for the world champions of the body building world. If you are a looking to customise your own bikini suit/stage suit, or are a designer working with body builders, Crystal Parade is the go-to choice for your crystals and fabric.

Crystal Sparkly Bikini 2


We have a stunning collection of trimmings, the latest fashionable crystals, custom tools and design elements for your crystal costumes and nail art.

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