Blinging Up Baby

Channel 5’s reality show ‘Blinging Up Baby’ has divided a nation, with many viewers outraged and appalled at how some people are dressing their babies and toddlers. The first one-off documentary, aired last year, sparked an Ofcom investigation into the welfare of the children involved during filming.

Obviously here at Crystal Parade we love a bit of bling. We often recommend a range of fashion accessories and items to embellish with crystals and diamantes, but a child has never been included in those suggestions!

How young is too young when it comes to glamour and sparkle? Are these mums using their children as fashion statements, forcing fake tans and over the top outfits on them? We’re not one to judge - and of course there is nothing wrong with blinging up babygear - but perhaps this TV show went a bit too far? Here is a round up of some of the most controversial moments.

Piercing a four month old baby’s ears
One of the mums featured on the show came under fire for taking her four month old daughter to get her ears pierced. The piercing would allow the child, Valentino, to wear diamond earrings when she turned one. Mum Jerri dismissed worries by saying “the younger the better so they don’t have to remember the pain.” In the same shopping trip, she bought her one year old a £250 designer handbag. Another mother featured on the show gets her toddlers to wear gold hoop earrings - won’t dangly earrings pull down on their fragile ears?

False nails and Fake tans for toddlers
Sophie-May, mum of two, revealed on the programme that she allows her three year old daughter to get a spray tan. She claims she never forced this on the toddler, but Princess asked to be spray tanned because she saw her mum getting it done. The 22 year old single Mum then asks “what’s so bad…it’s just a spray tan…I would never put her on a sunbed.”
Other pampered tots were also allowed to put on false nails, lipstick and mascara as their mums passed on vital knowledge, “teaching girls how to be girls.”

Swarovski crystal toy
For a six year old’s birthday party, mum Lisa has arranged a pamper party worth £800. She also bought her daughter quite an extravagant gift - a toy Audi car, covered in Swarovski crystals.
So what is your opinion of the blinged up baby world? Should parents be forcing their daughters to be girly from a young age? Does it actually do any harm if the kids are healthy and happy? Let us know your opinions, we’re staying on the fence on this one.
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