Rhinestone crafting is a fun and often therapeutic activity for anyone, whether you’re a total beginner looking to learn a new skill, or a professional embellisher who makes money from your craft, the popularity of rhinestone craft is on the rise. In this age of DIY and upcycling, using rhinestones to bring an object to life, or transform a dull item of clothing is becoming more a more popular among craft enthusiasts.

The art of embellishment and rhinestoning requires a great amount of patience and perseverance, as well as knowing the basic application methods and having the correct tools for the job. For beginners, we often suggesting starting out with a pre-assembled craft kit, which contains all the tools and materials needed for a particular project.

 Section 1: The Benefits of Rhinestone Crafting Kits for Beginners:

There are some great craft kits for beginners out there, and we would always recommend using kits if you are new the world of rhinestone craft and are unsure what you need to buy. Here are some benefits of using kits:

  • Convenience – all the tools, materials and glue you need are included with the kit so there is no need to purchase individual items.
  • Cost effective – kits are often less money when bought as a bundle
  • Easy to use – most kits contain instructions on how to use them
  • Fun activity/gift – craft kits make a great gift or activity to do for yourself or with children.
  • Hassle-free – with everything included, you can get started without the stress of shopping around or worrying if you have bought the correct materials.

Section 2: What to Look for in a Rhinestone Crafting Kit:

When purchasing a craft kit, whether it’s aimed at embroidery projects, jewellery projects, nail art projects or general blinging projects, it’s important to check what’s included in the kit. Are you happy with the choice of rhinestones included? Are the tools and accessories good quality? Does it contain the appropriate tools and correct glue for your chosen craft? For example, if you’re a nail art enthusiast and would like to start adding rhinestones to your manicures, our ‘Sparkle Nail Art Starter Kit’ is the perfect choice for you. Avoid kits that contain craft glue, rather than nail glue.

Always choose a kit that is relevant to your chosen craft and is something you are interested in, this way you can learn the skill using the kit then branch out into other areas of interest.

Section 3: Top Picks - Best Rhinestone Crafting Kits for Beginners:

We supply a great range of rhinestone craft kits for beginners that are suitable for all ages and can be applied to many different types of craft. Here are some of our most popular kits:

Craft Kits:

  • Diamond Painting kits – These have been some of our most popular kits for beginners. Diamond painting is a relatively new art form, whereby you can recreate a stunning image in sparkly rhinestones. The method is similar to that of painting by numbers, so is a fun activity to do for yourself or with children.
    • Seasonal decorations kits – Easy to embellish wooden hanging decorations complete with rhinestones in matching colours.
    • Champagne bling kit – This is a great kit to purchase if you’re looking to spruce up bottle of fizz for a gift.
    • Hot glue starter kit – This kit contains the hot glue gun, which is an essential tool for many rhinestone projects, as well as glue refills and crystals.

    Rhinestone Kits: 

    • Sparkle nail art starter kit – This fabulous (and low cost) kit is perfect for a nail art beginner. It contains the tools, glue, storage tray and crystals you need to create a gorgeous rhinestone manicure – all for only £6!
    • Zodiac starter kit – This rhinestone kit is an ideal introduction to embellishing with different types of rhinestones, as it contains flatback crystals, pearls and crystal shapes. As well as the glue and tools you need.
    • Nail gel & crystal nail art kit – Another nice kit for nail art enthusiasts, it also makes a great gift for the beauty lover in your life.
    • Converse bling kit – This is a best selling kit that has been popular for over a decade, and is still going strong today. Adding rhinestones to your footwear is a long term trend that peaked with crystal converse for weddings. Learn how to do it with this kit.

Section 4: Tips for Getting Started with Your Rhinestone Crafting Kit:

When starting out in the world of rhinestone craft, it is essential to know and understand the basics of how to apply rhinestones. Firstly, ensure you have the correct tools for the job and give yourself a large, clean workspace to work from. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most of your craft kit:

  1. Lay out everything contained in your kit so you can clearly see all the tools and material in front of you.
  2. Try to work in natural daylight rather than artificial or dull lighting.
  3. If your kit is aimed at nail art, read through some suggestions on how to apply rhinestones to nails, so you have an idea of what you want to achieve.
  4. Make sure your work area is clean and flat.
  5. If using non hotfix rhinestones for general blinging projects, clothing embellishment, or decorating an Irish dance dress, do some basic research into how to embellish with non hotfix crystals.
  6. Before you start applying any glue, have a practice on a spare piece of paper first, this will help with knowing how much glue to use etc.
  7. For projects that require sewing, such as costume making, interior décor or bridal couture, brush up on how to embellish with sew on stones.


To summarise, using a craft kit for beginners offers a hassle-free entry into the world of creative expression. These kits provide essential tools and materials in one convenient package, saving newcomers the time and effort of sourcing individual items. Whether it's rhinestone crafting, embroidery, or any other craft, these pre-assembled kits simplify the learning process, ensuring that beginners have everything they need to bring their project to life. With affordability and convenience on their side, beginners can confidently explore their artistic potential and unleash their imagination.

So to all crafting beginners out there, we hope this guide to rhinestone kits for beginners has encouraged you to take the plunge into the world of rhinestone crafting and start your creative journey.

Additional Information:

All of the kits mentioned above can be purchased from the Craft Kits section of our website, and have descriptions supplied on the product page to advise what is contained within the kit. If you’re unsure about which kit to try out, we’re always happy to offer advice, simply contact the team with any questions you may have.

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