When it comes to embellishing, the experts here at Crystal Parade have seen it all! We have so much technology around us these days, but don’t you think it looks rather dull and boring? Most laptops are black and grey, as are tablets, phones and cameras. Brighten up your belongings with a bit of bling! Crystallize a gadget with Swarovski and Preciosa colorful crystals

There’s no better way to inject some personality into your gadgets than to make it dazzle with your own creative design. It’s also a great craft project that you can complete yourself or get friends and family to help with and use it as bonding time. It’s easier than you think to crystallize a gadget with Swarovski non-hotfix flatback crystals. Read on for Crystal Parade’s pick of the bunch when it comes to crystallized gadgets.

Phones/Phone Cases
Most people these days are glued to their phones - it’s a permanent accessory that is always in our hands or being shown off on the table when we’re out and about. Phone cases have evolved not only as something to protect our valuable smartphones, but also as a fashion statement. Personalised phone cases with photographs or names are all the rage, but why not go one step further and make your own phone case? Pick up a plain plastic case and embellish it with crystals in the colour of your choice. Alternatively, you can just glue the crystals right on to the phone itself.

Games Consoles
This is a bit of a unique one, but crystallized games consoles can look so effective! Whether you have an Xbox or a Nintendo Wii, every games console is a pretty boring, dark box that sits in the corner of a bedroom or lounge. Jazz up your gaming experience by blinging up your games console! You can cover the entire console with coloured crystals to make the initial of your name, or the logo of your favourite game or the image of your favourite avatar - get creative!

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras and video cameras are easy to crystallize and look so impressive when you get them out to take a selfie! Cover the entire gadget (avoiding the lens and flash facility of course) with clear Swarovski crystals and your dowdy digital camera will instantly look like a luxury one-off purchase.

Whether you have an iPad or an Android tablet, this is one of the best gadgets to crystallize because you have such a large, flat surface area for your design. Choose different colours and shapes of crystals and think of a unique design to make your tablet stand out from the rest.
This is just a snippet of what is possible - you can crystallize just about any gadget, so start crystallizing and don’t forget to send us your photos!

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