I love working in the wedding industry, I love working with couples to create a special bespoke item for their wedding.

I have particularly love making and designing crystal embellished bridal shoes.

My first commissioned pair of bespoke shoes were for a lovely bride who’d been finding it a challenge to buy a pair of pretty shoes in her size. She wore a size 10 ladies shoe and as you can imagine there are not many shoes on the market that would fit her let alone be suitable for a wedding!


Having chatted to the bride and asking her what style, colour, and heel height they wanted I found a lovely pair of silver ballet pumps. She had them sent to me after making sure they fit properly. The bride wanted a really sparkly toe with sparkles going up the sides. I was so excited to get started and ordered my Swarovski crystals.

I wanted to create a sprinkle fade pattern with several sized Swarovski’s to make the pattern on the toes that hugged the silver bow on the front of the shoes. The finished ballet pumps looks amazing! They were so sparkly, the clear Swarovski's on the silver shoes was incredible. The bride was over the moon with her shoes, everyone should feel special on their big day and I’m sure these did just that.

wedding shoes with crystal pumps
A month or so later another bride to be who asked me to create a bespoke heel pattern on a pair of royal blue suede stilettos. The bride had a rough picture of what the heel design would look like but it was what would work best on the shoes and left a lot of the designing up to me.

It was my first time using Swarovski® Crystal shapes and I was really excited about what I could create. Having had the Swarovski’s delivered I always lay out my crystals that I will be using on a bespoke design to do a test design on my desk. Once the crystals have been arranged into the design I then apply this to the shoes. Everything is measured out so both patterns are identical.


Working on wedding items they have to be perfect, these shoes wouldn’t be any different, these shoes are meant to stand out, anything out of place or slightly not at the right angle and it will stand out.

I’d finished the shoes and sent over the photos to the bride and I waited anxiously to hear back from her hoping that she would love them. The bride was truly amazed with the shoes and even said I’d made her dream shoes reality.

wedding shoes with crystals blue
One of my favorite pair of shoes I’ve designed are the bespoke sapphire heel design. A bride had messaged me asking for a block-heeled pointy shoe with a Swarovski heel design in a sapphire colour to match their engagement ring. The bride had requested a heel design that would sit on the heel and down the block heel as well as some big chunky Swarovski’s on the toe. Apart from the colours of the Swarovski the design was left up to me.

I was really excited to get started on these shoes and creating a beautiful pair of bridal shoes. When the shoes and crystals arrived I got started on the design, I always lay out the crystals on my desk and try out patterns and do this until I am completely happy with the design. I created a basic pattern in just the shaped sapphire Swarovski’s and glued them to the shoes then created more of a design around the shaped crystals.

I finished the shoes off in an afternoon, I was so proud of them and how they had turned out. They were so much better than how I had imagined and I absolutely loved making them! The bride was over the moon with her shoes and they were exactly that she was wanting. They had so much sparkle and were like nothing I’d seen on the high street, these really were a one of a kind bespoke pair of shoes.

wedding shoes with crystals white Crystal Parade
Working in the wedding industry has been the most fun, I’ve loved working with couples and brides creating their sparkly wedding shoes and wedding items.

If you would like a bespoke pair of custom bridal shoes made for your special day please check out my website and message me for a design consultation.


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