As soon as we got the call that we were going to be on the west end, I was calm, collected, and graciously cheered along with my friends. As soon as I got home I stared at the ceiling thinking there’s absolutely no way we’re doing it. Oh you bet your sparkly behind we’re doing it!Welcome back to the Angelique Boutique blog, I’m Sebastian Angelique, London’s Beast of Boylesque and Fire and in my next feature I’m here to talk about the preparation I’m taking for our big debut. The show is ‘An Evening of Burlesque’ an explosive show filled to the brim with the world’s experts of cabaret. It’s been touring for over ten years and for almost the past three years, I’ve been their dazzling showman, burning up all the stages in the UK.

Now I’ve had one particular act in my mind ever since I joined this juggernaut of a show and I wanted the act to match that, be the act that people know me for, the act that people can’t stop talking about. A fire god, regal and fun yet deadly and desirable. There’s been initial fittings, print designs, big props bought, there’s specific lighting cues and possibly one of the best reveals I could think of.

This new outfit is a huge collaboration with house of flying stitches, a brilliant pair of costume makers who, in the past with my other costumes, have made the impossible possible. A beautiful off the shoulder blood red robe that burns into a bold and bright flame. And thanks to this collaboration with Crystal Parade, this will end up being the biggest and most embellished outfit I might need to do. It’s a big task, huge in fact, but as soon as I step out of that west end stage I want to be glittering from head to toe and for everyone to be in awe. Updates of this outfit will be posted in this blog leading up to the months of the debut, the fittings, the embellishment process, the awesome reveal that’s in store so keep an eye out for all of this and more.

An Evening of Burlesque hits the Adelphi theatre on Tuesday October 10th, tickets are selling fast so grab yours here before they sell out!

Performance costume

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