Preciosa Crystal and Pearl mix - Mermaid + Caviar Beads

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Love Everything About This Mix!

I can't lie when I say that Wiggle shapes intimidate me, but the selection of other supporting crystals and pearls really made this placement so much easier. It was this mix that actually inspired the whole set! I knew based off of the colour palette that a Sea theme was a MUST and the violet caviar beads and lavender pearls sealed the fact it HAD to be a Luca theme based on Albertos' Sea Creature form which is a beautiful complimentary purple to those in the mix. Lucas sea creature form is really complimented by the blues and teals in this set too. So this set just HAD to be made! I genuinely think this is one of my all time favourite crystal placements I have ever done and this mix is just incredible! Alongside this mix I also used Silver Caviar Beads (which are a staple for any crystal placements) and I think it really defines more of the placement. I can very confidently say I am no longer intimidated by Wiggles and actually plan on incorporating them more into future crystal placements and really experiment with how they can be used. I think I will forever be recommending this mix because of its sheer beauty and versatility, so if you're on edge about buying it, don't be because you will not regret it!

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