Spike Banding SS19 Jet Silver Flare

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Spike Banding SS19 Jet Silver Flare In Silver Cup

This Preciosa spike banding comes in a 10 metre length, with one row of crystals, in a black cup setting. The fantastic range of colours is punk rock inspired to create an edgy and on trend look. Use the banding to embellish shoes, handbags, accessories, theatre costumes, dancewear and even bridal wear. It can be either glued or sewn on and is easy to apply to any fabric.

Length - 10 Metres

Number of rows - 1

*The banding is also available in black or gold cup settings, and can have up to 24 rows. Please contact us for more details on available options.

*Please allow between 4 - 6 weeks for delivery on this item.

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Hotfix Crystals

Hotfix crystals have a mirror foiled backing and a cold glue applied to the back of the crystal. When heat is applied to the crystal the glue is activated (melts) and is applied to your chosen garment and surface. The best way to apply heat to the back of the crystal is to use the Kandi Kane Hotfix Applicator Wand.

Hotfix crystals are ideal to use when you are looking to apply crystals to fabric including silk, satin, lycra, velvet, cashmere, denim, cotton, organza ribbon, wedding veils and gowns, satin shoes and suede. You can also apply hotfix crystals to glass including champagne bottles, champagne flutes, mirrors, card and paper, wallpaper, wood and metal. The hotfix crystals are ideal for porous surfaces.

We would not advise using hotfix crystals on plastic, ie phone covers, wellington boots and also leather including pet collars, shoes and jackets.

Yes. We have a variety of colour charts available on the website – please see the Colour Charts section Please note that due to browser and screen resolutions, variations of the colours may vary.

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