Zodiac Crystal Mix Pack of 100 - The Tiffany Mix

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A Beautiful Tiffany Blue!

When I first saw this beautiful Tiffany mix, I had so many ideas and landed on Jasmine, making her outfit to match the crystals, and to say it was a perfect match would be an understatement! I don't think words can truly describe how much I adore this mix. The colour, the shine, the different size of crystals, everything about them! They have almost a matte look but the light reflects beautifully over the facets in the crystals. I paired this simple yet delicate placement with gold caviar beads to bring out the gold in Jasmines Jewellery and I think they paired beautifully. I'm so disappointed I didn't incorporate the Zodiac bows into this placement as I think it would have complemented the set further, But I have so many crystals still left from this mix that I could make another few placements and I will ABSOLUTELY be including the Bows into those!

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