We all love crystallizing, but sometimes even for experienced crystallizers and craft addicts certain projects can seem tedious and time consuming. Whether you are covering an entire shoe in crystals or applying a technical nail design, professional tools can make the job easier and they’ll help get the job done much faster. Here at Crystal Parade, we wouldn’t dream of attempting any of our projects without these tools by our side. Here’s our list of must have tools for crystallizing:

Crystal Katana
The versatile katana tool is one of our best selling products, and with good reason! Perfect for embellishing a number of items and creating professional nail designs, this tool improves accuracy and speeds up the crystallizing process. With one end you can pick up a crystal, without leaving any residue, and place it where it needs to go. With the other end of the katana, you can rearrange and push the crystal into place to secure the bond. This really is an essential piece in any crystallizer’s toolkit.

Precision Glue Applicator Syringe
You may not have realised if you haven’t used crystals often in your craft projects, but crystals, sequins and diamantes are TINY. So tiny that you can barely pick them up with tweezers, so getting a miniature amount of glue onto one can be tricky. Introducing the glue syringe - pour your chosen craft glue into the syringe and the tip makes it easy to either apply glue to your embellishment or make dots of glue.

Hotfix Applicator Wand
Hotfix crystals already have the glue applied on the back surface, but they need to be heated to activate the adhesive. The Kandi Kane Applicator Wand is the perfect tool if these are your crystals of choice. You can buy a range of different sized tips which are specifically designed to activate the glue on the back of each sized crystal. This ergonomic tool really speeds up the process and is even recommended by Swarovski.

Jewel Setter
A jewel setter has a sticky end which makes it super easy to pick up crystals, pearls or beads to apply them anywhere. It is much easier to use than tweezers or fingers as you can pick up the crystals the right way round and apply glue directly to the back of the crystal or on the surface where you’re going to place it. Jewel setters are a simply, affordable tool but one that you probably can’t live without.
What’s your favourite crystallizing tool?


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