The festive season is the perfect time of year to try your balance on the ice, with temporary ice rinks popping up all over the nation. While it’s fun to get our skates on and take in the romantic sights on the outdoor rinks, have you ever considered actually learning how to skate properly?
Ice skating is a professional sport, and as you’ll probably know if you’ve ever wobbled around the ice, it’s very difficult. If you’re looking for an interesting challenge in 2016, figure skating could be it. Need some more motivation to give it a go? Here are Crystal Parade’s top reasons.

It’s different
As a sport, ice skating is different and unique - how many people do you know who take part in it? It’s an interesting hobby that is bound to impress new people. It’s also great for keeping fit and staying active.
Oh-so-pretty costumes
No other sport has costumes as pretty and glamorous as figure skating. The sequins and crystals reflect the light of the ice, but it’s also the shape of the fabric and the style of the skirts which make the moves look even more beautiful. Ice skating costumes are some of our favourite theatrical costumes.
It’s dangerous
There’s an element of danger to ice skating, and that’s what attracts some people to it. You can injure yourself in any sport, but the risk involved in figure skating - especially with all of the lifts - is on another scale. The difficulty and danger element is a reason why ice skating is a rare hobby, and a lot of training is needed to become a pro.
Lots of beginner courses to choose from
Getting started in ice skating isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t need one-to-one tuition like you may have seen on Dancing on Ice! Many ice arenas offer beginner courses, and these are great for getting a feel if the sport is for you. Remember nobody is naturally good at skating right away - it takes practice (and a lot of falling) to become a natural!
Team BG needs more champions
Torvill and Dean are the golden couple of ice skating, having famously won gold in the Olympics dancing to the Bolero. However, did you know that Great Britain has failed to win a gold medal ever since? They claimed the title back in 1984, so we really are in need of some new skating talent! If you find you have a talent for figure skating, you could be the nation’s next champion.
So, we say ice skating isn’t just for Christmas - learn a new skill and be showing off your moves by next festive season!
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