1. Create a sparkling first impression with crystallized front of house stage curtains.

The reviews are in, the tickets are sold out and the audience is arriving – now to give them that amazing first view of the stage; the wow factor. An enticing first glimpse of a theatre or stage performance is so important for creating a buzz in the air, and by greeting your audience with a stunning front curtain, also known also as the grand drape, act curtain or house curtain, you will build up the excitement for what they are about to see. Highly decorated front of house drapes not only captures your audience's attention, but also creates a lasting memory and becomes a part of the show itself.

In 2016 Crystal Parade were commissioned to crystallise the house drapes for the pantomime production of Cinderella at the London Palladium. The stage decor featured two hot pink velvet drapes each measuring 16 metres wide and 8 metres long. Our team of 10 crystallised the fabric with over 60,000 Non Hotfix Preciosa Crystals, in a bespoke pattern of star bursts and galaxies, which featured across the whole of the curtain.

2. Using crystal embellishments to set the scene.

Adding flatback rhinestones to the stage curtain not only makes the stage look impressive, but can also help tell the story or set the scene. For example, why not personalise the stage curtain with the name of the production spelled out in beautiful crystals. This creates an eye catching first image of the show and would make a fantastic press release photograph. Rhinestone embellishments are also great for creating different effects such as snowflakes, raindrops or stars in the night sky – this is a fabulous theatrical way to present scenery. Or, if the show is a musical, applying different coloured rhinestones and gems to the backdrop offers a bright, bold, fun setting and would reflect gorgeous multicoloured rays of light across the stage. This technique is also a great way to represent events taking place on stage such as a party, a dance number or Christmas time.

3. Dazzle the audience with eye catching costumes.

One of the most important features of a standout production has got to be the dazzling array of costumes, not just for the main characters but for all of the cast including vocalists, dancers, ensemble and the MC/narrator. Theatre costumes can really be enhanced with just a few sparkly additions, whether it’s an ornate crown for the Snow Queen, fully crystallized dresses for the Dreamgirls or a glitzy pair of ruby slippers for Dorothy. It’s easy to create some standout heels for your main character, all you need is some Preciosa Non Hotfix Crystals, a Crystal Katana pick up tool and some Gem Tac glue. Dorothy’s ruby slippers aren’t the only pair of famous red footwear to have hit the stage with the help of Crystal Parade - back in 2016, we collaborated with the West End production of Kinky Boots and supplied all the crystal embellishments used for the show, including Lola’s iconic red boots!

Applying Preciosa Hotfix Crystals is a great way to enhance theatrical costumes in a fast and precise manner, this method is ideal for embellishing dresses in bulk particularly for musicals where there are multiple dances and costume changes, hotfix rhinestones are ideal for porous stretch materials including spandex, lycra, cotton, organza, velvet to name just a few.. Another widely used crystal product by Preciosa is their range of Sew on Stones, these are longer lasting than glue on as the application method is more durable, and can withstand movement – this is particularly useful for dancewear. Sew on rhinestones are also perfect for creating ornate pieces, such as crowns, because of the variety of shapes available. See how Preciosa have used different sew on shapes in Clear crystal to create this beautiful Snow Queen tiara and part of the costume:

4. Create a spectacle with crystal props & lighting

Musical shows and pantomimes are often full of glitz and glamour, take Cinderella, 42nd Street, Dreamgirls or Chicago for example, and it’s not just the costumes that scream sparkle. Many productions incorporate crystal embellishments into the props and even the stage lighting. Over the years in this business we’ve seen all sorts of props get the crystal treatment, here are some of the most popular sparkly props:

  • Microphone stands and microphones – fully crystallised in Preciosa flatback gems, these are most often seen in musical and live stage productions. What a fantastic and creative way to engage the audience!
  • Items of furniture from the set and even Cinderella’s carriage.
  • Mirrored disco balls projecting rays of light into the audience with the help of Preciosa flatback crystal shapes.
  • Anything to do with Cinderella! From the glass slipper which could be fully encrusted in jewels, to the glittering golden carriage. Even the fairy godmother’s wand has room for more sparkle.

As an alternative to the usual industrial spotlights, some productions like to go big on luxury and light their stage with decorative crystal chandeliers. Preciosa specialise in lighting and Crystal Parade stock the full range of Chandelier Components for making your own stunning piece. We have supplied chandelier crystals for the infamous chandeliers in Pretty Woman and Phantom of the Opera.

5. Advertising is key

Show the prospective audience what a treat they’re in for, even before they’ve bought a ticket! A dynamic advertising and marketing campaign is the key to selling out a show, so make yours stand out from the crowd with the help of Preciosa crystals. Special edition blinged advertising posters are sure to make a big impression. Or point of sale, tickets stands and other adverts can be enhanced by adding rhinestones and gems. You could even use crystal transfers to personalise uniforms for show staff to wear, we can supply Hotfix Crystals and Transfer Film to make your own and we also offer a Bespoke Embellishment Service.

For our collaboration with Kinky Boots back in 2016, we hand embellished one of their marketing posters by applying Non Hotfix red rhinestones to the image of the iconic platform boots. We then had it signed by some of the cast and framed it. This made a fabulous unique gift for the production manager who we worked closely with, and an even better talking point!

Performance costume

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