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Spring is full of beautiful colours and designs inspired by nature, so make the most of your nails this season! Here are 6 colourful spring nail designs to inspire your spring.



Sometimes simple is best, and that’s what makes these spring nails so beautiful. First, go for a clear coat on your nails and let it dry. Then you can paint on tiny flowers in any colour you choose. If you want to make them stand out just a bit, dot each flower with a sparkling Swarovski Nail Art Crystal for a beautiful ‘dew-drop’ effect.


March is when spring really starts to come to life, and so why not use inspiration for March birthstone for your nail designs? Aquamarine is a beautiful stone that includes swirling greens and blues. For your nails, you can either create a marble effect, or go for something simpler. Choose a turquoise or teal basecoat to start and then, using a glitter polish, gradually layer up the sparkle. Go for a thicker layer near the tip of you nail and make it thinner as you move towards the cuticle.


Easter is a fun time to celebrate with some festive nail designs! You can let your imagination run wild, but if you want something more traditional, why not choose a cute little chick design? You don’t have to go to all the trouble of painting a chick on each nail. Go for a simple yellow or pale green coat for four nails on each hand, then paint your chick on the remaining one. If you feel particularly creative, you could also paint yourself an adorable Easter bunny as well!


The palette for Spring colours includes a lot of gorgeous pastel colours and, when combined, these can create some incredible looks. Gel Polishes have a smooth finish and can really bring pastel colours to life. If you want to get yourself a bit more of a challenge, why not add stripes to your nails in a contrasting pastel shade?


For some reason, Spring and polka dots go hand in hand! You have two potions here with your designs; either go for a white base coat with multi-coloured dots, or choose a bright coloured base with white dots. The choice is yours! You can either use a nail pen for your dots, or grab a hair pin and you the rounded ends.


Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a Springtime rainbow? Combining stunning colours together without it looking messy can be hard, but there are a few tricks you can use. First, have plenty of cotton buds at the ready! These will help you blend colours together and wipe up any messes. Second, start with just three or four colours to start and build up to more over time. And lastly, a coat of glitter polish at the end can hide any mistakes easily!

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Try one of these gorgeous Spring nails designs today, and you'll be ready for the sunshine in no time!

Images by Scarlett Senter Nail Artist


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