You’re never too old for a touch of fairytale magic! With Disney nail art, you'll always be on trend and in fashion.



Queen Elsa may have been cold as ice, but she melted our hearts in Frozen.
For a truly breath-taking look for your nails, go with a cool ice blue for your nails wand then add a glitter top coat. If you want to be a bit more creative, paint on white icicles or snowflakes and add a couple of Frozen Mix Swarovski Crystals for a super cool sparkling effect!


These nail designs are super simple but really easy to recognise! Go with red nails to start with and then decorate with white polka dots - bingo! Minnie Mouse nails! If you’re feeling artistic, you can add small black bows in honour of Mickey’s equally famous girlfriend.


The iconic scene in this well-loved Disney classic is the ballroom scene, with Belle in that amazing dress! Mirror the look with your nails by going for a rich gold with sparkles, or metallic gold for one simple coat. You can also paint a pink rose on one nail, or if you really have the time and patience, choose one nail from each hand and paint the stained-glass window motif from the beginning of the film. Classic!


This design is all about the colours! You can easily spot a Little Mermaid fan by the combinations of purple, red and teal in their designs, so be brave and be bold and choose your brightest colours! For those with a steady hand, painting on shells like the ones Ariel wears would be the perfect finishing touch. And for a sparkling finish, try our Mermaid Crystal Mix, which includes gorgeous pearls and shades of blue, green and pink.



You can really unleash your inner artist with these nail designs. The wall pictures that Rafiki draws in the film will give you an idea of the style, and you can also draw inspiration from African art. Use a base coat of oranges, yellows and browns and then let your imagination run wild!


Brave, fearless and beautiful - and that’s just your nails! The heroine of this Disney favourite is equally skilled with a sword and a fan, so you can combine power and style with your designs. Sharp lines between the colours is a good start to make them stand out, and green and blue are perfect choices to match Mulan’s costume. Then you can finish them off with some bright fire motifs to represent her companion Mushu!


Ride the waves of the ocean with one of Disney’s most recent feature films!
Featuring the smooth voice acting of The Rock and incredible music, your nail designs should look as enticing as the deep blue sea. Start out with a rich blue and then use a lighter shade to add some rolling waves. For a pop of contrasting colour, use the Spiral tattoo from the film on one of your nails with a colourful background.

Fancy trying any of the designs above? Let us know if you do, we'd love to see a pic!


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