Get your marching shoes on and your rainbow flags out, because Pride month is here, and we’re ready to celebrate! No Pride outfit is complete without a fabulous set of nails, so we’ve collated some of our favourite Pride worthy nail art designs to inspire you.1- This set by nail artist Lisa Johnston is simple yet effective, she applies Preciosa nail art rhinestones in classic Pride colours to create the letters. The rainbow colours really pop on a plain white background, and the silver caviar beads in between each crystal neatens the design and brings a touch of style.

2- Here, top YouTube nail artist Natalie Mugridge has used rainbow rhinestones in pastel tones to depict a pretty scene, perfectly matching the ombre rainbow colours in the gel polish. Applying crystals to just two nails makes them stand out more, and the different sizes of the rhinestones help create the wave effect.

3- We love the subtle pastel tones of Natalies design, but to acheive a bright and bold rainbow, you can use our Rainbow Mix pack which includes brighter colours such as Light Siam (red), Orange, Emerald, Citrine, Fuchsia and Sapphire. Try a full nail of bling or just a single line for a sharp finish.4- Nail artist Sarah Richardson has mixed a few classic rainbow colours to create an ombre effect across all the nails, using flatback crystals. This smooth transition through the colours is simple to achieve and will certainly turn heads. Try recreating this look with the Zodiac Rainbow Pride mixed pack of rhinestones, and glue to the nail using our bestselling nail glue, Crystal Fix.5- Did you know the Zodiac neon rhinestones glow under UV light? Not only do they look fabulous in normal light, put them under UV light and the effect is stunning – seek out the Ultra-Violet tent at your local Pride celebration (there is always one) and watch as your nails suddenly glow in the dark!6- Here’s another example of how striking the neon nail crystals can look, Lisa Johnston has created this colour popping set which comes together to form a rainbow. This design takes longer to achieve but with the correct tools and nail glue it is easy to apply rhinestones to nails.7- From one extreme to the other, this pretty set of nails by Beauty & the Wish uses the Zodiac Rainbow Mix to create two simple rainbow images, complimenting the design of the other nails. Smaller sized rhinestones such as SS6 (2mm) are easier to work with as you can make intricate and detailed patterns.8- Going back to the neon trend, which is a favourite among nail artists, try using them on a plain white nail – the colours really do pop and bring your nail art to life. And don’t forget, they glow in the dark too! In this example, Natalie Mugridge teams the fluorescent gems with matching neon swirls, adding an extra depth to the design. The Zodiac range of neon rhinestones are a great alternative to Swarovski neon crystals, they have the same number of facets and an identical colour range – all for a fraction of the cost.Hopefully we have inspired you to get creative and colourful this Pride month, happy celebrating!

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