It’s your loved one’s birthday, and you haven’t got them anything yet! Have you ever wondered what to buy a person who has everything? Or tried to think outside the box but didn’t know where to start? A gift that is handmade or sentimental is always appreciated and cherished more than something bought from a shop, where you know that hundreds of other people will own that very same thing too. For a truly unique gift idea, find something they really love, get creative, and make it even better!

What are the best tools for applying rhinestones to trainers?

When it comes to crystallizing a material that needs to be flexible and waterproof, we would always recommend using E6000+ glue, it is an industrial strength adhesive that is flexible when dry, so it can withstand movement. E6000+ also dries completely clear and is waterproof – perfect for footwear. For more information on glue suitability, check out our recent article on the best glue for craft projects here.

To apply the glue to the trainer itself, Lizzie and the team used the very handy syringe applicator and green tip. It is a fantastic little tool that allows you to squeeze out just the right amount of glue needed, without making a mess or wasting any. For just a few pennies over £2, it is one of the most useful tools to have in your craft kit, and can be re-used if washed well.

A great rhinestone pick up tool is the crystal Katana, a sleek comfortable tool that has a wax tip at one end and a metal precision tip at the other. So you can pick up and place your rhinestones quickly and easily, then use the metal tip to adjust the position. We don’t go anywhere without ours!

*Top Tip for working with E6000+ glue*

Remember to sand down the area before applying your glue. Use sandpaper to gently roughen the material, this creates a better surface for the glue to adhere to, therefore ensuring the crystals won’t fall off. Sanding also removes any excess dirt or grease.Where to start when applying rhinestones to trainers?

To ensure a neat and precise finish, always crystallize the outline and edges first, then work your way in. With these trainers, the design is split into lots of sections, so getting neat edges is essential. If you start in the middle and work outwards, you will likely end up with jagged edges which will be really noticeable. As you work your way inwards, the gaps get smaller – this is where your smaller sized crystals come in handy.

We would recommend covering one section at a time and checking it over before moving on to the next section. If any of the rhinestones are not positioned correctly or sitting flush to the surface, you can use your Katana tip to adjust them.What a fabulous and unique gift idea for someone who has a passion for trainers and creativity! Emma was thrilled with them, and the team of embellishers had fun making them too.See more of our customers’ rhinestone project ideas here, or check out our tutorials for more fun and inspiring crystal craft projects.

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