‘Barbiecore’ is taking over our summer once again, and we’re adding extra bling and sparkle to the trend by adding pink rhinestones to everything! From nail art, to fashion, to interior design, Barbiecore is everywhere – and we love it!

This month the Barbie movie is finally released, so for all you pink ladies (and gentlemen) out there, sit back in the sunshine, soak up the hot pink Barbie rays and enjoy a glass of something bubbly from your very own rhinestone Barbie glass.Blinging up a plain glass or champagne flute is a fun creative project, and makes a great gift too! We’ve chosen the classic image of the Barbie silhouette, you can crystallise anything onto the glass, it doesn’t have to be Barbie themed – try your favourite fashion logo, film icon or music hero. Anything is possible if you have the right tools for the job, so see our handy How To Guide below.

You will need
• Zodiac or Preciosa non hotfix rhinestones – we’re using a variety of sizes from SS10 (3mm) up to SS20 (5mm) in different shades of pink.
• Gem Tac glue
• Applicator syringe and tip
• Rhinestone pick up tool – we’re using the Crystal Katana, but there are other cheaper options available too.
• A plain glass – we’re using a gin tumbler

1. Draw or print out a template of the image you want to crystallise
2. Place the template into the glass and stuff it with kitchen roll to hold it in place.
3. Half fill your syringe with the gem tac glue, and start applying tiny dots of glue onto the glass, following the outline of the template.

4. Using the rhinestone picker, pick up and place the rhinestones onto the glue. We chose to use SS10 crystals in the same colour to complete the full outline. It gives a neater finish.
5. Continue applying glue, then adding the rhinestones in small sections until you complete the whole outline.
6. Now you can have fun and start using rhinestones in different colours and sizes. This is called the Rockery Effect, and brings depth and texture to the design. Follow the line you have already made, working your way in.

7. Continue adding the rhinestones making sure there are no gaps in between.
8. Once you have finished, fill any gaps with tiny crystals, or re-position the existing crystals so they are closer together. Remove the template and kitchen roll.
9. Voila! Leave to dry fully for 24 hours and handwash only.

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