The ‘Barbiecore’ trend that began last summer, after Margot Robbie was spotted dressed head to toe in pink to promote the new Barbie movie, has ramped up again in the run up to the film’s release. Having a Barbiecore wardrobe was the hot new trend last year, with the Princess of Wales even getting on board.

But if you’re not quite ready to jump on the Barbie train yet, there is a subtle way to have a hint of pink in your life, through your nail art. From soft marshmallow to hot magenta, Barbiecore encapsulates every shade of pink imaginable.

Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity to be papped with pink tips, this minimalist mani by Tom Bachik uses the soft pink polish beautifully.

Credit: @Tombachik

For a statement manicure, covered in bling and sparkle, add some pink rhinestones to really bring out your inner Barbie.

Our favourite Barbiecore nails using rhinestones.

  1. Bring the bling

This stunningly embellished nail set by Lisa Johnston has a crystal accent on every nail, she uses a thick nail art glue to attach both flatback pink rhinestones and chunky 3D pointed back shapes. In this design Lisa has brought full bling to the nails and finishes them off with tiny silver caviar beads in between, giving a luxurious feel.2. Barbie Love

The brilliant Natalie Mugridge shows a display of different pink shades in this hot pink set, adding 3D and flatback nail art rhinestones to create a statement nail. Use Crystal Fix glue to set glue 3D crystals to nails.3. Rhinestone swirl.

In this sophisticated design by nail artist Lisa Johnston, Lisa sticks to muted tones like Vintage Rose and Clear diamante, but hits us with a couple of bright Fuchsia crystals in the middle of the rhinestone swirl pattern.

4. Feather fancy.

Lisa really brings the wow factor with this stage-worthy set of feathered nails. The tropical pink colour is complimented by the fresh ocean tones of Aquamarine and Sapphire. Maybe not the most practical, but a scene stealer non the less!

5. Vintage chic.

Natalie shows us the beauty in subtlety here, in this case less is more. The pretty necklace design on the pinkie nail hints at sparkle, without being over the top. Her main crystal colour used here is Preciosa Vintage Rose, perfect for pastel pink nails.

6. Crystal coverage

Using different shades of pink to create an ombre rhinestone nail is a definite trend this year, so go big with full crystal coverage on the nail like Beauty & the Wish. Flatback AB rhinestones are an essential nail art crystal to bring extra sparkle, and it works really well with Pink to create a rainbow effect.

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