As we approach our 12th year in the business, we at Crystal Parade have been reflecting on what has been an exciting few years in the creative arts industry.

Our history

Crystal Parade began its journey in a conservatory, in October 2011. Company director Poppy decided to take a chance with her business idea: to cater to the growing need for craft crystals within the different sectors of the creative arts and performing arts industry. Poppy took this dazzling opportunity and turned it into the sparkling success it is today.With Poppy’s previous 5 years in the embellishing world, many years of experience within sales and customer service roles, and even at the age of 16 running one or two successful enterprises, she was equipped to launch a business that she knew would boom. With sheer hard work, the odd risk here and there, a great team by her side and the love and support of her family and friends she took the leap. “I set out to create a storm within the world of crystals and I firmly believe we have!” Today Crystal Parade is a Silver Authorised Preciosa Partner and has its own brand of Zodiac crystals, making it one of the longest established distributors in the UK.

Meet the teamCrystal Parade is a small, tight-knit team, this closeness of the team and keeping clients’ interests at heart, has seen the business rewarded for its hard work; winning awards for trusted customer service. “For several years running we have been recognised for our excellent customer service and product offering. We always go the extra mile to make sure that the customers’ shopping experience is fast efficient, inspirational, informative and enjoyable.”

Our highlights

We have been so lucky to work with some very creative and well-known individuals and companies in the industry. Over the years we have been asked to crystallise many different things including Formula1 bikinis, animal skulls, full-sized mannequins, theatre sets, furniture and even a Rolls Royce.

Our biggest challenge has to be the crystallization of the drapes for the West End production of Cinderella at the London Palladium. We rose to the challenge, 400 hours and 60,000 Preciosa crystals were hand applied to the 32 meter plush velvet drape. When I walked into the auditorium at the London Palladium and saw the drape hanging, it looked stunning, it really did sparkle, I felt very proud of what the team at Crystal Parade had achieved.Now in our twelfth year, we can look back and see how very fortunate we have been to work with many costume designers, including the stylists and make-up artists for Little Mix, FKA Twiggs, Leona Lewis, Fleur East, Take That, Robbie Williams, Sam Ryder and The Vivienne to name just a few. And then there are all the theatrical productions we have supplied crystal embellishments for: Shrek, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Thriller, Back to the Future, Strictly Ballroom, Pretty Woman, Phantom, Frozen and now we have quite a collection of tv and film production companies under our belt too.But it’s not just about the sparkling lights of stage and screen that has seen Crystal Parade grow from strength to strength, the nail art and beauty industry plays a huge part in Crystal Parade’s success. We work closely with key players in the industry to ensure we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to crystal placement within the nail art world. Crystal placement is here to stay and we will always strive to change with the seasons, nail art is breaking the boundaries in all aspects and we will continue to see nail technicians finding different mediums to make a statement, of which crystals and rhinestone embellishments will be the core.What’s next for Crystal Parade?

This year we plan to expand our successful own brand, Zodiac Crystals, to include an even bigger range of rhinestone colours, shapes and styles. We will also be introducing more craft and crystal placement kits to keep up with the ever growing DIY and upcycling trend…so watch this space!

In the spotlight