Crystal Pageant Girl


Life as a crystal-covered pageant girl is as exciting as it is nerve wracking. Ok, so it’s just a few days until the Miss South Yorkshire final and I’m not going to lie, I’m a nervous wreck. Will I fall flat on my face (starting to regret buying those 6” platforms)?

Will my front-fastening corset burst open mid-catwalk true Barbara Windsor style (not that there’s much to see anyway) or will my skirt get caught in my knickers amid all the chaos of backstage costume changes? Last year the photographer did a grand job of capturing my bum hanging out the bottom of my mini- dress as I did what I thought was a fabulous turn. Mum being mum thought this was hilarious and proceeded to buy and frame the photo.

Regardless, I know I’ll be in my element when I’m out there as I competed and placed 2nd in the same contest last year. Being a crystal-covered pageant girl has its advantageous. I had so much fun with the other contestants and have made lifelong friends because of this. I’ve never experienced a buzz like it….the lighting, the sparkles, the music and the excited crowd all added up to a fab atmosphere on the night. I mean where else could a 5’5” Donny lass with Psoriasis, sparrow legs and over-bleached, damaged hair go to feel like a princess?!! It’s like the school prom that I was banned from attending because of my rebellious, and as the headmistress described it 'totally unacceptable behavior'….. only a million times better!


Forget your ideas of bitchiness and backstabbing in these pageants. Yes, of course, we all want to win, but each of us is fully aware that we aren’t Supermodels and as such, we are all ‘bricking it’, so we support each other and work as a team.

Despite being crystal-covered pageant girls, we are a group of REAL girls, of all shapes and sizes, from different cultures and backgrounds and every single one of us has ‘body hang-ups’ and insecurities, simply like every other female on the planet. I’d love to have big boobs and a massive, round bum that’s so fashionable at the moment (skinny girls have appearance issues too), but I have come to accept that I will probably always have the figure of a 10 year old boy, and through these competitions I’m also learning to love myself just the way I am, because it has given me the opportunity to represent the normal, everyday girls who are paranoid about their flaws and imperfections. They are what make us unique.

Contrary to what most people believe, the pageant industry has changed massively over the last few years. Its not just about putting on a posh dress and parading around in crystals….although that is pretty awesome! For months beforehand, we are advertising small local business and raising awareness of community and environmental issues. Trust me, litter picking in what should be a local beauty spot is far from glamorous….you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve discovered. Yuk!


Above all else, U.K pageant girls have, and continue to raise £1000’s for local and national charities by all sorts of means such as fundraising events, bucket collecting and sponsored activities. Our chosen charity this year is the amazing Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, where the wonderful staff work tirelessly to care for the children and young adults whose lives are sadly cut too short. Pageants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but then again I’m not everyone’s cup of tea either. I’m aware of the negative press that surrounds these events, but for me personally, there has been many benefits. It gave me a focus at a point in my teens when I was low and vulnerable. My physical and mental health was suffering and I was veering towards a path of self-destruction. My confidence has grown so much over the last few years that I no longer feel that I have to 'fit the mould'. I can be proud of who I am, a crystal-covered pageant girl, on that stage, flaws and all and I hope my journey can inspire body confidence and positivity in others.

So, it’s nearly time for me to get my sassypants and sparkle on and release my inner diva! Wish me luck!


Crystal Pageant Girl

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