Yorkshire Pageant 2019


South Yorkshire Pageant 2019 winner Jessica Allen tells all about winning this amazing opportunity, and what she has planned next!

Jess: Well, I only went and won, didn’t I??!! I’m now the winner of the South Yorkshire Pageant 2019!! Who’d have thought that a skinny, little tomboy from Donny would go on to represent her home county? I can think of a few people that knew me growing up might be a little shocked!

The South Yorkshire Pageant 2019 is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. Although I cream crackered from lack of sleep, my sheer excitement kept me going.

All the pageant girls met at the venue in Barnsley at noon, makeup free, hair in ponytails and dressed in our comfies, ready to register and handover the money that each of us had raised for Bluebell Children’s Hospice…..altogether over £1400! It was the first time that I had met some of the girls. At a few points I thought ‘I’m in trouble here, they’re gorgeous’, but I kept telling myself to stop being so bloody stupid. I’ve come this far, just man up and strut your stuff! It was then rehearsal time.

My main concern was someone stepping on the back of my dress during the catwalk and us all toppling over like dominoes. But I had no need to worry. The format had changed from the previous year. We would be walking the runway alone rather than following each other round. Phew!


After practice, we had 3 hours to get ourselves ready and I was surprisingly calm, just eager for the finals to begin. My amazing hairdresser Jermaine, from Headmasters in Stainforth, traveled all the way from Doncaster. He transformed my frizzy mop into a beautiful mass of crystal encrusted curls…..honestly I would be lost without this dude. Make-up I’m a wizz at, but hair is a big no no!

Soon it was time to do my thing. My first outfit was my fave - a tasseled, silver, sequined mini dress that I had customised. It included a fabulous, long, detachable skirt, designed and created by the very talented Dot Speight of Rumpelstiltskin. She is also the inventor of the Dolly Board.

I couldn’t have been happier with how this outfit turned out. From my very first meeting with Dot, she realized how important this dress was for me. She not only listened to what I required, but gave her professional input into the design to ensure that it fell correctly and hit the light perfectly.

The outfit that she created won me the best fashion-wear award. The lady is a genius. She is such a perfectionist and wouldn’t dream of anything leaving her sewing room without herself or her customers being 100% happy. She has a treasure chest crammed with sparkly things from Crystal Parade that I can delve into when visiting.

I’m so happy with her service that I’ve commissioned her for a bespoke dress. When I compete in the qualifying round for the World Irish Dancing Championship in December, I plan to shine in it. I can’t wait to see the finished result, but I know it will be just stunning!


So, the first round went better than I thought. As soon as I stepped onto the stage, I somehow turned from a chavvy little tomboy into a super- confident, super-blinged diva! All I had to do was make it to the end of the catwalk without tripping up in my gigantic platform heels but I chuffing did it….very slowly and carefully but I pulled it off!

Yorkshire Pageant 2019


Next round was personality. I chose to represent my home county, Yorkshire, as I am well and truly a typical Northern girl and fiercely proud of where I come from. Kind, down-to-earth and don’t take any crap off anyone, that’s me summed up! Mum spent hours customizing a corset with hundreds of tiny white roses. Once again, Dot of Rumpelstiltskin, made me a huge, fabulous fascinator in the design of the Yorkshire Rose. It was blinged up, of course, with Crystal Parade’s crystals. I carried a massive Yorkshire flag on a pole which my little arms struggled, but at the last minute managed to swing rather clumsily around me head!

Yorkshire Pageant 2019


The final round was evening wear. I had spotted an unusual yet gorgeous dress online months beforehand and I knew that I just had to have it….a long fishtail number, in white with a royal blue floral pattern. It was the back that I fell in love with - dipped very low with beautiful ruffle detail. It wasn’t the easiest dress to walk in so the platforms came off. Thank god the music was slow or I would have ended up in a proper kerfuffle!

So I thought everything had gone well, as in there weren’t any major embarrassing moments, but as I could see the other contestants walks from backstage, I didn’t have a clue if I’d done well enough to place. Waiting for the results was the most nerve-wrecking and longest moments of my entire life. I’d worked so hard in the months building up to the pageant and I was about to find out if it was worth all the stress!


2nd runner up - Katie…….1st runner up……Stephanie……..and Miss South Yorkshire Pageant 2019……drumroll….Jessica Allen!!!!

I nearly cried with happiness as my friend Lorna Stratford (who I lost the title to last year) placed that amazing tiara on my head. Massive rounds of applause and cameras flashing as I attempted to compose myself and get my head around the fact that my dreams had become a reality! I could see my mum and grandparents rush up to the stage, tears in their eyes and joy on their faces. It made me so proud that I had finally managed to turn my life around and achieve this success!

It’s been non-stop since I won the South Yorkshire Pageant 2019 title while trying to juggle my new job as an apprentice beautician. With photo shoots, news articles and appearances in the local community, I’m loving every single minute of it!

As the winner of the Miss South Yorkshire Pageant 2019, I will go on to represent my county at the Supermodel England final in less than a month's time. I don't have long to gain the public's vote, raise money for the pageant’s chosen charity Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice and sort 3 new outfits out, but luckily I have the support of my friends and family, not to mention another sponsor.

Rumpelstiltskin has yet again worked her magic and whipped me up the most beautiful bikini on her magical sewing machine. Yes, that’s right…..there’s a bloody swimwear round….it's the stuff of nightmares [mine anyway!] I’ll be surrounded by the most stunning girls with big boobs and perfect womanly curves, but get me in a push-up bra and this skinny, Donny bird can achieve anything!!

Wish me luck….again!!


Yorkshire Pageant 2019

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