Why is it important to use the correct glue?

When it comes to applying Preciosa and Zodiac crystals, rhinestones, gems, diamantes and any other embellishments, it is important to use the correct adhesive. Some glues are more suitable than others when applying craft crystals and if you use a glue that is not suitable for your project, you may end up with rhinestones falling off, slipping down or chipping. Here are a few things to think about before choosing which craft adhesive to use:

  • What is the surface material? Are you gluing onto fabric, wood, plastic, glass, paper, leather?
  • What is the purpose of the crystal application? Display only, physical use, fabric that may need washing?
  • Will it be subjected to wear & tear? Are the embellishments for a costume that requires movement and flexibility?
  • Does the glue need to be waterproof? Will the object be for outdoor use?

We have a great selection of adhesives and glues in stock, ideal for all your craft projects as well as handy glue kits, bundle deals and easy to use accessories to go with them.

Gem Tac

Gem Tac glue is a universal adhesive and recommended by Crystal Parade. Gem Tac glue is an easy and mess free way to embellish almost anything, from clothing, dance wear, Irish dance costumes, competition dresses, wedding gowns and accessories, stage costumes, phone and tablet cases, ornaments, furniture, wallpaper, artwork, glasses, picture frames, greetings cards, and lots more.

Gem tac is a permanent adhesive, it bonds rhinestones, diamantes, stones, flatback crystals, gems, sequins, glitter and rhinestones to lots of different fabrics. It will also bond fabrics to glass, vinyl, metal & patent leather. Here are the benefits of using Gem Tac glue:

  • It is a fantastic multi-purpose adhesive which can be used as a general glue around the house.
  • It is washable* so can be used to embellish clothing and costumes. *Hand wash only, do not dry clean, do not use fabric conditioner.
  • It dries crystal clear so any excess glue will not be noticeable.
  • It is non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • It has a good consistency – not too thick but not too runny. This makes the glue easy to work with and can be easily cleaned up if spilled.
  • Gem Tac can be applied using a Precision Syringe & Tip (see below image) which allows it to be applied neatly and quickly.

E6000 Plus

We have recently introduced the new updated version of the E6000 adhesive called E6000 Plus which is an industrial strength gel like glue that will bond any material. It is especially good for applying crystals to shoes as it is flexible, waterproof, durable and dries crystal clear. The waterproof formula and all-weather performance makes E6000 Plus ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Excellent adhesion to wood, glass, fabric, ceramic, gems, metal, marble, fiberglass, concrete, most plastics, Lexan and much more. This new E6000 Plus now has fewer chemicals and no longer has a strong smell. Here are the benefits of using E6000 Plus glue:

  • It is a fantastic multi-purpose adhesive which can be used as a general glue around the house.
  • It is washable* so can be used to embellish clothing and costumes. *Hand wash only, do not dry clean, do not use fabric conditioner.
  • It dries crystal clear so any excess glue will not be noticeable.
  • The industrial strength makes it very durable.
  • This is the recommended glue to use on leather so works really well for embellishing shoes, belts, jackets, watch straps & handbags.
  • Its flexible nature means that it is great to use on fabrics that require lots of movement such as dancewear, theatre costumes or sportswear.
  • E6000 Plus can be applied using a syringe however the syringe and tip will need replacing if you allow the glue to dry inside.

Fabric Tack

Fabric Tack adhesive is ideal for bonding Preciosa crystals, non hotfix rhinestones, acrylic gems, flatback pearls and other embellishments to fabric. It is also recommended for hemming if you want to avoid the hassle of sewing. This fabric glue can also be used to adhere fabric to fabric such as patches, motifs or other decorative accessories. This is the ideal glue to use if you’re a seamstress, dressmaker, costumier, milliner or fashion designer. Here are the benefits of using Fabric Tack adhesive:

  • Industrial strength means it is very durable.
  • Good consistency and easy to apply.
  • ACMI-AP approved-safe for children and non toxic.
  • It dries crystal clear so any leaks or excess glue is not noticeable.
  • It is washable but please leave 3 – 5 days before washing and do not dry clean.

Try our brilliant Fabric Tack Handy Glue Kit which includes the glue, applicator syringe and two tips.

Crystal Fix Nail Glue

We’ve done our research on the perfect nail art glue as it comes up in so many questions from customers – particularly when it comes to gluing crystals and rhinestones to nails. We recommend Rachael Wilders ‘Crystal Fix’ which is a specifically designed glue for bonding rhinestones. Using nail glue is the preferred way of applying crystals to your nail art, some people take the easy option of sticking them straight onto the gel before curing, but using Crystal Fix glue will ensure a longer lasting crystal placement. Here are some benefits of using Crystal Fix:

  • Each 30g tube comes with a precision applicator nozzle
  • Ideal for fixing 3D or pointy back crystals
  • Strong and durable gel
  • Non wipe and tack-free finish
  • Cost effective – a little goes a long way
  • UV/Led cure time 2 minutes

What is the best way to apply glue?

When using glue on your project, it is best to apply small amounts of glue in a neat and precise manner. This avoids wastage and also keeps your work station mess free. We have over 10 years of experience in embellishing all sorts of things, from bridesmaid dresses, dance costumes, clothing, furniture, garden ornaments and cars, and we know that one of the most important part of any craft project is to keep your work area clean. So we have come up with a simple, cheap and effective way of applying glue without getting into a sticky mess. Watch us on YouTube to see how we use our application tools.

Application Tools and Kits

  • Syringe Applicator with Precision Tip – this tool is cheap and by far the best tool when it comes to applying craft glue in a neat and precise way. Simply pour some of the glue from the bottle into the syringe, use the plunger to push it down so there are no air bubbles, then screw on the tip. You only need a small amount of pressure to release the glue.
  • Gem Tac Handy Glue Kit – this brilliant kit has everything you need for neat application. The bundle includes a bottle of Gem Tac, an applicator syringe and 3 precision tips in varying sizes.
  • Precision Glue Applicator Kit - if you’re working on a large scale project and you will be using lots of glue and working over multiple days, this is the kit for you. This kit contains 5 syringes and 8 precision tips. The tips come in 4 different sizes so you can change tip whenever you’re working with varying sized rhinestones.
  • Ultimate Glue Kit – This large kit is idea for big craft projects that require glue for different surfaces. The kit includes Gem Tac glue, E6000 Plus glue, 5 x Precision Syringes, 4 x tips, 3 x rhinestone trays and a rhinestone pick up tool.

We have many How-To guides and tutorials on our blog, as well as DIY craft ideas, and handy tips and tricks. So get your creative juices flowing and start crafting today!

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