Let’s face it, we all love a bit of DIY interior design, where we can get our creative juices flowing and save some money at the same time - especially in the current financial climate. Here at Crystal Parade, we love to add a bit of sparkle to just about anything and home décor is particularly popular when it comes to DIY craft projects! Our team have blinged everything from photo frames and clocks, to lanterns, lamps and vases. We’ve even crystallised a garden gnome!

We believe everyone is capable of adding a touch of sparkle to their home, and with our fantastic range of craft & embellishing products, top tips and simple method, we can show you how.

Reed Diffusers are very popular for the home and a key trend piece for your decor – there are different shapes available, the range of fragrances is expansive and some come with different coloured reeds to match your interior colours. But once they run out, we tend to dispose of them and buy another. With this in mind we have been getting our Zodiac Rhinestone Crystals out and giving some old reed diffusers a Crystal Parade makeover. We are very happy with the results; they have a stunning sparkle and are a great talking piece when visitors are round. Who else has their very own bespoke crystal diffuser? Even better, with the topic of climate change hot on everyone’s lips, these reed diffusers are reusable! Simply buy your favourite fragrance or change it up - refillable bottles are available at most supermarkets and big retail stores, as are reeds. Just keep your beautiful sparkly bottle and fill it back up.

The colour scheme in my living room is blue with golds, so I chose the Zodiac Peacock Blue to crystallise my Reed Diffuser.

The sparkle it gives off is fantastic and I’ve had many compliments on it from friends and family. I used Gem Tac glue as it dries crystal clear and has a good curing time, my Crystal Katana crystal embellishment tool (the best friend of anyone looking to bling things up!) and the Peacock Blue rhinestone in size SS10 (3mm). I actually found the whole process very therapeutic and it looks beautiful in my home, so much so that I have been experimenting with different bottles and colours. Choose your favourite Zodiac Non Hotfix Crystals and have a go yourself, these make lovely gifts too or fill every room in your house with a different coloured one to go with your colour scheme.

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