A beautiful motif can lift the look of any costume, dress or craft project, but what if you took it one step further? Why don't you have a go at adding some sparkle to your motif and make it a crystal motif? It's easier than you think to do, and it can make a really big difference to your look!


You will need:

1. Swarovski or Preciosa flatback crystals: Use non-hotfix crystals in a colour and size of your choice.

2. Handy Jewel Setter: This is a small blue plastic stick with a malable wax bud at one end and a pointed tip on the opposite end. The Jewel Setter enables you to pick up the flatback crystals and place onto your motif quickly and easily.
Crystal Katana: This is a professional tool invented by Swarovski Ambassador Kellie DeFries. The specialist jewellery wax enables you to pick up the crystals and place onto your chosen surface. On the other end of the Crystal Katana is a precision tip to enable you to adjust and set the crystal in place.

  1. Gem Tac adhesive: This is a super strength craft adhesive which is very strong, waterproof and clear in colour. It is perfect for use on fabric.
  2. Precision Glue Syringe: This enables you to apply glue to your motif accurately and eliminates mess and wastage.
  3. Motif: Our range of motifs and Guipure Lace are available in many styles and colours.


Make sure you have everything prepared and at hand before you begin to crystallize.

Step 1
Place the crystals faceted side up on a dry flat surface. Squeeze a small amount of Gem Tac glue into the Syringe and remove any air bubbles. Apply 4 or 5 small beads of glue onto the motif.

Step 2
Select your crystal and pick it up with either the Jewel Setter or Crystal Katana and place the crystal onto the glue dot. Using the opposite end of your pick up tool press gently and position.

Step 3.
Repeat the process of applying glue and pressing crystals into it, adding 2-3 at a time, until your design is complete.


We have a stunning collection of trimmings, the latest fashionable crystals, custom tools and design elements for your crystal costumes and nail art.

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