It’s beginning to look a lot like… CHRISTMAS!

Now that we’re in November and Halloween & Bonfire Night are over for another year, it’s time to start getting excited about Christmas! Some say it’s too early to start sending cards, but here at Crystal Parade HQ we are all about getting our festive sparkle out and creating some unique designs! It doesn't take much time, effort or money to create beautiful bespoke Christmas cards. All you need is some Gem Tac glue, an applicator syringe, a Katana pick up tool and most importantly, the crystals! We have a wonderful selection of rhinestones for Christmas craft, in both Preciosa and Zodiac brands, and you don't have to stop at cards, why not bling up your gift tags, gift bags and even your wrapping paper! We got our cards from Tesco, we loved the red and white theme as it works well with our Festive Lights crystal mix.

Let’s get started.

  1. Firstly, have all your tools laid neatly out on a clean, flat surface. Fill your applicator syringe with the Gem Tac glue and screw on the tip. This allows you to apply the glue in small, neat amounts.

2. Next, squeeze tiny dots of glue (1mm) onto the area you want to crystallize and allow to dry for a few seconds to get tacky. Then pick up the rhinestones (shiny side up) using the pick up tool, before placing them one by one on the glue dots. Don’t worry if a little glue seeps out – it dries crystal clear.

3. Continue adding glue dots and applying the crystals in this same way until you have filled the whole area. You may want to use smaller crystals for the gaps and narrow edges/corners.

4. Try placing rhinestones on different key features of the card, highlighting specific areas. Here are some more ideas for you to try:

Why not try adding sparkle to your gift bags too?

Using the same technique as above, you can have fun choosing different ways to embellish your gift bag. Crystallize the wording, images or background pattern. For something a bit different, you could use non-traditional colours to enhance the design for example bright neon rhinestones. Here are some examples below:

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