Remembrance Day Poppy

There are a number of ways you can crystallize a Remembrance Day Poppy with no hotfix flatback crystals.

We find using SS12 crystals for both the red part of the poppy and the green leaf works well, but you can also use smaller crystals or a range of crystal sizes. You can completely cover the poppy surface with no gaps, this is called the rockery effect. You can use any brand of crystals you wish to achieve the look. On this poppy, we have used Preciosa Light Siam on the red part of the poppy flower and Swarovski Fern Green on the leaf.

Before starting crystallizing your remembrance poppy, you might like to browse our range of red crystals. They are suitable, these include Light Siam, Scarlet and Siam. For the green leaf Fern Green looks great, but you could also choose from Erinite, Chrysolite, Green Turmaline and Emerald.

When crystallizing your poppy, we suggest you place your crystals on a flat surface shinny side facing up. If you gently shake the piece of paper the crystals are lying on. you will find that the majority will flip themselves the faceted side up. Having them all face the right way saves time in the long run. All you have to do is pick them up and place on top of the Gem Tac Glue.

Using our handy glue kit which includes Gem Tac, Application syringe and spare tips. Apply the Gem Tac glue around the outer edge of the poppy in a thin line. Start with applying the glue just 2 cm around the edge of the poppy. We suggest you crystallize the outer edge first to ensure that the you achieve a neat line of crystals around the side of the red poppy petal.


We have 3 crystal pick up tools for you to choose. The Rolls Royce of all pick up tools the Crystal Katana, Jewel Setter or pick up pencil.

crystal katana

Pick up your first crystal and position at the start of the adhesive. Then gently press down on the top of the crystal to make it secure. Continue applying crystals along the glue line on the outer edge of the red petal, ensuring that the crystals just touch the edge and are touching each other. Once you have covered your first 2 cm edge line, repeat until you have crystallized the whole of the outer edge of the poppy.

Apply a thin line of glue to the inner part of the petal and start to fill in the Light Siam no hotfix crystals. If you wish to achieve a tight design with no gaps you will have to use more than one size of rhinestone. This tutorial utilises the SS12 (3.4mm) crystal size for the petal and the leaf.

For the leaf we suggest you use SS12 no hotfix flatback crystals in Emerald Green of Fern Green.

Place the leaf in situ behind the poppy petal and with a pencil mark, on the leaf, where the line of crystals needs to start. Remove the leaf and start to crystallize from the pencil mark upwards.

Wait for the Gem Tac glue to fully dry on both the poppy petal and once dried re assemble


To crystallize a poppy, we would recommend you order from Crystal Parade the following:

  • Preciosa or Swarovski flatback no hotfix crystals
  • Red: Light Siam ss12 x 2 packs of 100 *
  • Green: Emerald or Fern Green ss12 x 1 pack of 100 *
  • Gem Tac Glue
  • Crystal Pick up Tool

Thank you for reading our ‘How to Crystallize A Remembrance Day Poppy’. We hope you found it useful. Please share your sparkly creations with us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


remembrance day poppy

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