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Whenever you leave the house your shoes always come with you. They bring together the outfit and are the staple of every fashionistas finished get up. You can make your costume shine with some easily appliable and affordable Swarvoski and Preciosa crystals. Whether you are trying to bling up some high class heels or some casual trainers, step out in some sparkly shoes!


Firstly, you need to ensure you choose the perfect crystals for your project. The best type of crystals for shoes are flatback non-hotfix rhinestones. Hotfix crystals are absolutely great for blinging the rest of your wardrobe, but for shoes we recommend non-hotfix crystals. The heat given off when applying hotfix crystals can sometimes cause damage to the materials that shoes are made with, so ensure you use non-hotfix flatback crystals for your shoes!


You’ll also need a jewel setter, we love using the Rolls Royce of pick up tools, the Crystal Katana. The Crystal Katana comes complete with a silky smooth comfortable wooden handle, is lightweight and very easy to use. The katana has two ends, a specialized wax end to pick up the crystals and a metal end. The metal end will push the crystal in place ensuring a secure bond between the crystal, glue and surface. The Crystal Katana will make the application a lot easier! If you're doing a one off project and have a tight budget, we recommend the Jewel Setter. It is a pack of two. Each jewel setter has a malleable wax tip which you can mould to suit the size of crystal you are picking up. Our pick up pencils have a rubbery end which will pick up the crystal and allow you to place on top of your glue.


When applying crystals, you must ensure that the shoes are squeaky clean! If there is any dirt or grease on the surface, it’s likely that the crystals will struggle to stick. They will easily fall off, so try our broad supply of crystals to glam up your shoes. There are a lot of tutorials out there which can show you exactly how to do it, too.

sparkly shoes

Images: Crystalled By Jane

These shoes we crystallized by Crystalled By Jane. She used Swarovski no hotfix crystals and the Crystal Katana pick up tool for the 2019 Spice Girl UK Tour. If you would like help matching crystals to your shoes, dress or costumes please get in touch! We offer a free crystal sample service, so create your own sparkly shoes and step out in style!


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