Christmas Jumper Day – 8th December 2022

‘Christmas Jumper Day is Save the Children's annual event which raises money for children in the UK and across the world. Every December, millions of people across the United Kingdom (and beyond!) put on a festive outfit at their workplace, school or with friends and make a donation to help give children the magical future they deserve.’ About Christmas Jumper Day 2022 | Save the Children

It won’t be long before we’re in December and the annual Christmas Jumper Day will soon be upon us. Many workplaces, schools, clubs and organisations wear their best seasonal jumper to support the cause and here at Crystal Parade HQ we are all about getting our festive sparkle out and joining in. It doesn't take much time, effort or money to add some serious sparkle to your jumper, all you need is some Gem Tac glue, an applicator syringe, a Katana pick up tool and most importantly, the crystals! We have a wonderful selection of Zodiac rhinestones for Christmas craft, including decorating cards, gift tags, wrapping paper and clothing.

Today we’re going to look at applying flatback gems to clothing, in particular this Christmas jumper from Primark.

Let’s get started.

  1. Firstly, have all your tools and crystals laid neatly out on a clean, flat surface. Fill your applicator syringe with the Gem Tac glue and screw on the tip. This allows you to apply the glue in small, neat amounts
  2. Identify key areas of your jumper you want to decorate. For my jumper, I want to highlight the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ wording.

3. Next, squeeze tiny dots of glue (1mm) onto the area you want to crystallize and allow to dry for a few seconds to get tacky. Then pick up the rhinestones (shiny side up) using the pick up tool, before placing them one by one on the glue dots. Don’t worry if a little glue seeps out – it dries crystal clear.

4. Continue adding glue dots and applying the crystals in this same way until you have filled the whole area. You may want to use smaller crystals for the gaps and narrow edges/corners. To complete my jumper I used Zodiac non hotfix rhinestones 4mm in Light Siam, Emerald, AB, Black Diamond and White Opal.

Try it for yourself and amaze your friends and colleagues with such a simple but effective upgrade on the usual Christmas jumper.

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